31 Days Writing Challenge :: Day 1

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In response to a random urging in my soul, I’m committing to The Nester’s 31 days challenge… 31 days straight writing on a topic will be no small feat for me…but I’m gonna give it a try. If you’re a new friend who found me from her site, WELCOME! And if you’re here because my new post email showed up in your inbox or blog feed I welcome you my faithful friends too. (And I apologize for the next 30 days as you will see me there a lot…!)

So my theme for the challenge is 31 days of Living Intentionally. Today is the post for Day 1 and I’ll link up all the following days at the end of this post so they’ll all co-habitate in one convenient spot. I’ll cover both home and business-y stuff by doing something each day on purpose to further the cause of having a happy home & blossoming business and writing about it here. On one hand I’m a very fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl which translates into I may only do things when I feel like it… and on the other hand sometimes I’m very much a creature of habit. Either way I find I’m losing the battle with myself daily of achieving any goals personally or professionally… Time to do some things on purpose. Intentionally.

Maybe this involves creating new systems or ways of thinking about things. I’m all for making life easier, but not so autopilot that we miss out on the greater purpose of loving God and loving each other. Time to face the facts and not the feelings…So everyday for the next 31 days {gulp} I will share something intentional I’m doing for my home or business. It may get a little random (you know how I am) but I will keep in mind the overarching goal of sharing things that can maybe open your eyes to living on purpose and thriving in your life.

Some posts may be long and some may be short because duh, you have a life to live outside this computer screen and so do I. So are you ready to be a game changer with me? New friends take a sec and put your email in the box over there on the right so you won’t miss anything…? I’m so excited to get to know you!

If you find in reading this series that there’s anything you want to hear more about would you be so kind to leave me a comment on it and I’ll be glad to entertain writing a future post about it? Kiss kiss thanks a bunch! ♥

Also remember I am new to this… any and all grace accepted…because I may miss a day or two… or have a very convoluded idea of how my post falls under my intentional theme…. so thanks in advance for your patience! ♥

And if you enjoy allll 31 days, I’ll quit my day job and write exclusively for you… ok maybe not because bills and all but wouldn’t that be fun….! Xo for real this time. Over and out…

Day 2 :: Baby Steps to an Abundant Intentional Life

Day 3 :: T-n-T as a Way to Peace?

Day 4 :: How to Start Your Saturday… Intentionally

Day 5 :: Sunday Rest

Day 6 :: Why I Intentionally Skipped Sunday… and the Workings of a Monday

Day 7 :: Getting Down to Business with God

Day 8 :: Get Real About Who You Are

Day 9 :: The Intentional Gift of a Heart

Day 10 :: An Intentional Refashion

Day 11 :: A Saturday…Intentionally

Day 12 :: Sunday Rest

Day 13 :: Getting Intentional with the Groceries…

Day 14 :: Embracing the Season…Intentionally

Day 15 :: An Intentionally Wordless Wednesday

Day 16 :: An Intentional Seeking of the Light…

Day 17 :: Embracing the Season…in My Home

Day 18 :: An Intentional Saturday of Homemaking

Day 19 :: Sunday Rest

Day 20 :: How to Roll with Unintentional Interruptions…

Day 21 :: Getting Intentional with the Closet

Day 22 :: Limited Creativity – it’s NOT what you Think…

Day 23 :: Time to be Intentional with your Schedule…

Day 24 :: Intentional Wording

Day 25 :: Intentionally Sharing Your Art

Day 26 :: Sunday Rest

Day 27 :: Everything in Moderation

Day 28 :: Sow Intentionally

Day 29 :: Shine a Light Intentionally

Day 30 :: How to Spend Your Money Like You Mean it

Day 31 :: What You Carry with You

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