Day 6 :: Why I Intentionally Skipped Sunday… and the Workings of a Monday

Happy Monday my friends! It is brisk and it is finally feeling like fall and I am in love (and in a chunky pink sweater..!) My favorite time here in VA.

So I skipped Sunday- well I skipped writing on Sunday that is and I’m sorry if that breaks the rules for the 31 days challenge, but in the spirit of being intentional with my time, resting from the writing on Sunday felt like the right thing to do. Now if I could just be intentional with resting from all the other tasks that I inevitably leave for Sundays…

The more I think on it, the more I realize it’s going to take discipline (gah, there’s that word again!) throughout the whole week to get to Sunday in a state of rest versus the feeling I have of rounding third and sliding into home every Sunday evening with groceries and projects and dinner and a long list of things to make myself ready for Monday… Any tips for me??

Though our weekend started smoothly on Saturday (remember – bacon!) the remainder of the days filled up fast with food and fun and worship and work! The husband had a great plan for dinner last night: Buy it! (he is so very wise and accommodating to a busy gal! haha!) and eat it early so we could get the maximum amount of uninterrupted evening to get some things done in the yard and in sewing room respectively before winding down at 9 PM.

However I’m still left wanting come Monday when I feel like I have a mountain of paperwork and chores piled up. So this morning, I took a moment and cleaned out the purse, entered receipts, corralled all my notes and grocery lists and sat down with my planner (I use this term loosely….) and tried to get a handle on what needs to happen this week…

Tonight we will intentionally institute leftovers for dinner. And continuing in the spirit of being intentional this month in home and business, I’m going to try a new trick: Every Monday night I’ll work on Recollected Design items- jobs to finish, projects to plan for the upcoming Fall Festival, etc. The thought being if I intentionally schedule the business time for every Monday night, maybe I’ll be a little more productive…and be able to free up things for the weekend…and really take advantage of that Sunday Sabbath…

Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with the sunflowers my sister-in-law dropped off yesterday:


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8 thoughts on “Day 6 :: Why I Intentionally Skipped Sunday… and the Workings of a Monday

  1. debbie thompson says:

    love all you note! as you’re ‘scheduling’ and disciplining yourself (which we must do, obviously) try to actually SCHEDULE the sabbath down time too…it’s a date! with sabbath—REST and God. make it good, Heather.

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