Day 7 :: Getting Down to Business With God

bind my heart wm

As I’m getting down to the business of being intentional with my time {and by the way the whole scheduling of RD time last night worked out like a charm…! Thanks for asking!}, I don’t want to miss sharing the most important thing I do everyday (and maybe can persuade you to do as well if you’re not already?) that is intentional and oh so very important…

Get down to business with GOD> as in get in His word

I didn’t always do this. But I can’t tell you how much it’s meant since I started… I’ve been a church girl all my life and a Sunday School-er all my school years but up until about 2 years ago I probably only cracked my bible on Sundays. Wanna know the thing that sent me there? A mini- series. Ok, half true- yes, “The Bible” Mini-series (remember the one with Roma Downey?) had a big part because all of a sudden, I became a fact checker– if my kid was watching it, I wanted to make sure what they presented was true (and though I’d heard these bible stories all my life, I wanted to know for my own self and memory that they were true too…) but around that same time I also had an interest in the fact that a friend was reading “The Chronological Bible”…

For someone who likes order=== though I probably have a funny way of showing it in my housekeeping!===  The Chronological Bible really appealed to me. Before I could go get one, another friend from church gave me her old one (she was trading up for a leather bound copy) when she heard through the grapevine I was interested.


{…some of my bibles in all their well loved glory… Until the gift of the red one, I still used that blue Youth Bible underneath… from 1995… with the cat fang marks in the top right of the front cover… Don’t ask…it was time for an upgrade…}

 So I started reading on 4-18-13 and finished on 4-17-14. (Who said you had to start at the beginning of the year anyway- go ahead and break the rules, I dare you!) And it was a game changer. So good I had to read it again … I don’t know what it was but it just all makes more sense to me having everything laid out in timeline order. But be warned it’s not the bible to win a sword drill with since some of the books aren’t where you’d find them in a regular bible…! And I won’t lie, some books are still harder to get through than others (ahem, Leviticus and some of those Old Testament prophets….) and sometimes you just want to holler at all the kings who kept doing what was evil in the Lord’s sight… come on people… but I have to say it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

So my intentional tip for the day is: Get grounded in the Lord y’all. It is such a blessing. Start small- pick a devotional (Some of my favorites are Jesus Calling and anything by Joyce Meyer…) to read every morning but don’t just read the verse printed at the top or bottom and call it good – go investigate for yourself in your favorite bible and read the verses before and after it. Or find a bible or reading plan that appeals to you. And don’t feel bad if you miss a day or two along the way- I freely admit sometimes I was catching up on Saturday and Sunday’s readings on Monday or I’d get so engrossed one day I’d read ahead a few days- seriously no hard and fast rules here- just try to find your way into the Word somewhere along the way each day. I’m so thankful God helped me get there and keeps me inspired to continue.

Do you have a favorite bible or devotional? Do you have a bible on your iPad or phone?? I’d love to know! 

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13 thoughts on “Day 7 :: Getting Down to Business With God

  1. I’ve been working on a read through the Bible in a year challenge (that I’ve stretched to year two…) and I love how it gets me in books I normally wouldn’t wake up and want to read. Right now I’m slowly going through Job and 1 Corinthians.
    This summer my goal was to read the Bible everyday. It didn’t happen but my “track record” has improved and I definitely see a difference between my reading and non reading days.

    Have a lovely day! Love this post!


  2. I’m so glad that you are reading regularly for the last couple of years. Once you start it isn’t hard to keep going, and once you let up its hard to get going again. I have Bibles in many versions in print of course and on my desktop, laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I’m surrounded with them and many helps. You can have all you can afford to buy but to read them is the important thing as you have so correctly pointed out. I’m proud of you dear girl!!! 🙂


    1. Aww thanks Levi! : ) I have the KJV on my iPhone but there’s something about holding the actual book that I love. And it’s fun to read one version and then go back to the KJV that I remember from being a kid and even that makes more sense now! : )


  3. okay….so I am BACK into my chronological bible. It is awesome. I am also spending time w/my Apologetics bible, since it gives so many wonderful commentary articles which speak defense of the truth–THE WORD.

    love your spirit, Heather. God has used you and will continue to use you in MIGHTY ways! Glad to call you my friend…!


    1. Awww : ) Glad to call you mine as well : ) Strange as it sounds, when I finished the Chrono bible in April, I didn’t read it for a week or two but I felt like I was gonna miss something- so i just had to pick back up and keep on going with it! haha. Happy Wednesday!


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