Day 8 :: Get Real About Who You Are…

Right now, this minute, at 11:52 am, I am sitting at my desk eating Chili-Cheese Fritos (eyeing a dark Hershey bar) and guzzling water. Sorta to offset the Fritos but more so because it can’t hurt. My eyes are fuzzy like I just woke up except that I’ve been hustling since 6:45 am which in my opinion is just wrong. Anything before 7am is blasphemous. I’ve showered and washed hair but not completely dried it because I was late and now it’s “floofy”- totally a made up word, but it’s my hair and I can call it what I want right? I’m sporting strappy brown wedges, cuffed jeans, a white shirt with ruffle-y flowers and a long purple tank underneath. Jewelry today is one beaded loom bracelet I made in middle school, a leather buckled bracelet and two necklaces. Small hoop earrings- two sets each ear. Four rings and no makeup. On rare occasions I do mascara but those occasions are becoming scarce. So it is what it is…

feet and floofy collage

{this outfit curated courtesy of Goodwill and hand-me-downs…and I’m ok with it.}

I am divorced and remarried. I have a teenage boy who took up residence in my heart when he and his dad became my family 5 years ago. I work a job that I don’t love in order to work my way into a job I’m totally passionate about on the nights and weekends. It is what it is.

I dabble in music and writing. I go to church and teach Sunday School and sit in the choir. I move furniture and paint things. I watch too much tv probably and I’m totally obsessed with Shark Tank, Nashville, and I Love Lucy right now. Don’t get me started on Andy… I eat too many fried things and sometimes and the ratio of fruit is much greater than the ratio of vegetables.

I’m no gifted photographer (the “selfie” above took all I had- how do you kids do it??) or best selling book author. I’m not Dolly Parton (though I would love to be- just for her spunk and talent alone) I just have a mad passion for sewing and design and being creative and inspiring but I fall into the trap of not feeling good enough on some days. I schedule and plan but most times operate by the seat of my pants knowing full well that it doesn’t produce the most peace in my life. But it is what it is.

There are some days I’d rather snarl than smile. (honestly, today…! and I’m not sure why!)  I am not perfect. But I know who is. He is what He is and that will never change.

It’s taken a long time to get here. But until I accept who I am and get clear on where I am, I can’t count on change.

find out who you are

This gal has her own 31 days series going on about that very thing…

First and foremost – you are a Child of God who is loved and cherished. After that who are you, where are you and what makes your heart sing? Don’t be shy. Your passions and callings are a gift from God and He wants you to use them, not stuff ’em down deep where they never see the light of day. So if crocheting baby bunny blankets flips your fancy- find a way to do it, for charity, for gifts, for sale or whatever. God will always course correct so don’t be afraid to do it wrong- just do it. Be YOU. Not some copy of someone else. Learn from everything. Seek God. Spread Truth. Admire others work and encourage them, but carve out YOU. Plow through the bad days because you’ve got to be broken down to be built back up {this idea totally borrowed from my best girl…} Brutal but oh so true…

Be intentional and define YOU. OWN It and work it! And then tell me about it!

Much Love,

The Eclectic, Granny, Rock-n-roll, Creative Director for Casa de Marshall

P.S. …for more gospel of Dolly, go here…!

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