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Shop our booth for a limited time at The Vintage Antique Shack in Powhatan,VA ! Click the link above for our parent store and type in Recollected Design at the search magnifying glass to see our online offerings. 

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Through vintage market sales, creative consulting and re-design services, we help you see the future in the past through a fresh lens.

Our offerings are unique- just like you and carry the sentiment that even broken is beautiful when it’s recreated into something new and useful.

Cards, notebooks and paper goods designed with sentimental details become tools to organize your day and quiet your soul amid a busy world.

Uplifting and positive stories on the Recollected Design Blog are your entry points into a beautiful community of encouragement from old souls in young bodies.

And if you’re seeking a like-minded collaborator for integrating all this charming inspired design into your space- be it on the web, at home or in your business we deliver with our creative concierge services.

We can’t wait to meet YOU online and at the market!

You can find our fresh picks at your local down-home vintage market and our paper goods and gifts with a vintage twist at local boutiques and online.

We reach into the past and find meaningful expression in the present sharing uplifting content, behind the scenes and clever styling ideas on the blog. At home, at work or on the world wide web, our creative concierge services come to work for you outside the market through interior re-design and virtual creative consulting.

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