Day 9 :: The Intentional Gift of a Heart

treasury of a good heart

A few days ago I read this verse and it struck me so, that I marked it in my bible and made a few notes beside it and let it simmer…

It’s still simmering, but I’ll try to extract the flavor for you because it’s been weighing on my heart how important it is for folks- especially my gals -to hear this… If your heart is a treasure box full of precious valuable things like jewels and gold as the word “treasury” suggests to me – Why would you give your heart to just anything or especially just anyone…?

About 6 years ago I rolled my car. When my dad questioned me how many times I saw the sky then the ground…and then the sky and then the ground… and then, well you can guess what came next…all I could say was more than once but less than 10. I am blessed to be alive. And I’m doubly blessed that no one else was hurt. I have no lasting scars but I do have the memories. It was during a long season of a wrong relationship. And looking back now I wonder if it was God trying to get my attention because I wasn’t on the right path with Him… I was too busy doing my own thing and giving my heart to someone else who wasn’t worth it. Ladies some advice: Be intentional who you leave your heart with.

The only safe place to leave your heart is with God. He gave us all a heart and made us to love and to be loved. He is the giver of all life and the only one who truly has our best interests at heart. A wise woman once told me, in that same season, that we’re like trains and you and your love have to be moving forward on parallel tracks. If you’re trying to put your train on his track or the other way around, you’re going to be disappointed. And if you’re both heading in 2 different compass directions then you may be headed for one heck of a crash…

A second note of caution is this: if a guy has a long list of past loves and the reasons they didn’t work out all take some form of, in his words, “women are crazy.” Run. Fast. In the opposite direction. (Sure we women all have a little crazy in us but there’s a time and a place and a spirit in which to point it out!) You, my girl, want someone to treasure you and your heart, just as Jesus does, not someone who’s gonna trample on it… If it’s a mystery as to the state of a guy’s heart, you can always tell what’s in his treasure box by looking at how he treats you and others and by where he spends his time or money…

Your heart will be where your treasure is. ~ Matthew 6:21

And if you always feel like you attract the wrong kind of guy, maybe it’s time to examine what’s in your heart

Thankfully God delivered me from those crazy times and provided a husband who is a friend and a helper and a champion of my heart. Someone who lifts me with kind words and deeds. (Kitty litter and laundry detail are no small things in my world but rather grand acts of love…!) Someone who makes me laugh and brings me joy. And most days he would probably say about the same for me- but c’mon no relationship is always all unicorns and rainbows. There is always work but the reward is great.

So where’s your heart today? Does it need to be repossessed by the maker of it?

It’s never too late to get back on track with God.

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9 thoughts on “Day 9 :: The Intentional Gift of a Heart

    1. Yes I wish I could go back in time and tell my own self this forcefully! haaha! But I wouldn’t be where I am today. Have a Terrific Thursday Levi and Thanks : )


  1. Heather, what great advice. Hopefully some girls will see this and it will speak to them. You are truly inspirational in how you word your comments. Deep heart, amazing love and a true follower of Christ. God Bless you sweet lady.


  2. wow….that story seems so long ago, and yet, like yesterday. I am so glad that you are trusting your heart to GOD. ME< TOO.
    He will direct your path! much love to a lovely lady. miss seeing you so very much.


    1. Yeah and at the same time it feels like yesterday! Much love and longing to see you too! I almost stopped by school yesterday but I had to get home to give the car to the boy! : ( Talk Sooooon! Happy Saturday!


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