Day 10 :: An Intentional Refashion

Let’s change it up today and talk some sewing, shall we? If you’ve been hanging with me during the past 10 days, you know I’m working through a 31 days writing challenge of living intentionally- or more commonly referred to as getting my life and priorities in order so I don’t loose my mind…! So for today’s fun I’ve got an intentional refashion that I’ve been waiting to share and I figure a Friday is as good a day as ever!


{image via The Graphics Fairy}

…I wish I looked that good when I’m sewing… The only similarity is you might find me on the floor with fabric and scissors like her…

By now, you’re all probably familiar with my tendency to hoard things- ok, mainly fabric things… See here for some proof… It follows me home sometimes and begs me to keep it… like this pretty little slip with the ruffly edging that came to me in a stack of fabric from my best girl and though the elastic was well past it’s usefulness, I couldn’t see us parting ways and I plotted to make myself a skirt using the ruffle as a flirty detail at the bottom.


 Fast forward a year and there it all sat. Gathering dust. Remember how I mentioned my fight with follow through  a while back..? Thus the whole “being intentional” topic was born…!

After coming to terms with the fact I was not going to be making a skirt {sometimes you just have to get real about where and who you are, right?} a different idea started to take shape… as in why not make it into a tank? A cute shell you could wear under a cardigan or jacket while preserving the vintage detail at the bottom? And thus the slip tank was born…


I laid the slip flat and lined up another tank of my on top to trace it’s lines placing the top of the straps as close to the worn elastic as possible to preserve the maximum length of the slip turned tank. Then I cut and stitched the shoulder seams closed at the top and added some custom binding at the arm and neck holes. Now you could totally use store bought bias tape to trim out your arm and neck holes and I would not fault you one bit! But if you’re a glutton for punishment like me and have some other fabric lying around that you love {hello sweet 1960’s sheer cafe curtain with turquoise! and orange! from the Goodwill… come to mama..!} you could use this little tutorial and make your own…

slip watermarked

Above: all traced up and ready to cut… Below: all dressed up and ready to rock…!


As I’m writing this post, the thought hit me that this cold work with simple skirts as well…maybe you love the print but the length is a little out of style…? ohhh the possibilities…! I think I have to go home and search my closet now… As much as I’m itching to troll around the Goodwill for some new and different things to wear, I know it feels so much better to purposefully create something you love from what’s on hand rather than just spend mindlessly on something that’s just ok…

The slip tank is currently for sale in the Etsy Shop but it may make it’s way into my own wardrobe soon should no one else love it as much as me..!


Are there things you guys hold on to with the intention to refashion or re-purpose like me? What drives you to get ‘er done?

 To see all my posts for the 31 days challenge click here to get to the home page.

9 thoughts on “Day 10 :: An Intentional Refashion

    1. Well girlfriend, as terrible as you think you are with the sewing machine,(which if you made pillows & curtains, you’re not!) I can guarantee I’m way worse with a camera! I can read and practice and read some more, but it never quite turns out like I think it should- especially inside! Happy Friday to you too! : )


  1. Heather, I just keep what I have because everything that goes around comes back around. I have a very large closet. Lol. Plus, I can’t sew. But I do keep a lot of things in my barn that eventually are repurposed.


    1. Yep- everything old is new again! At least at some point! Yeah my dad gets great amusement when I go through his garage and ask for some pitiful thing he’s saved for years and then he sees it all spiffed up in our house! Happy Weekend Levi!


  2. That is a seriously cute top! I never would’ve thought of a tank top from a slip. I keep everything I’ve ever come into contact with – except maybe bills. This weekend I used the top part of an old pair of jeans to make myself a lunch bag. I just KNEW there was a good reason for keeping half a pair of jeans!! 😆


    1. Aww thanks! Yeah my hoarding knows no end sometimes… I have to force myself to get real sometimes and make something out of the stash or send it on to a better home! High five on the lunch bag! …I have several pairs of half jeans that are kid sized… hmmmmm….!

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