How Are You Coming to Christmas?

Throw the party He said. It’ll be fun, He said. Keep it simple, He said — because my son is simple. {The “He” above of course, meaning God…} But you know me. Visions of sugarplums- stars and decked out dress forms- danced in my head. And since creativity honors our creator, we ran with it.Continue reading “How Are You Coming to Christmas?”

How Did Christmas Find You?

When I was little our church had the most magnificent Christmas tree I’d ever seen. With the tallest of the men on 12 foot ladders I still don’t know how they reached the top. Decorating stretched into the evening as children eager with anticipation for the adults to finish stringing lights (so many lights…) waited for the realContinue reading “How Did Christmas Find You?”

A Ministry by Design

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I’d been run over by a truck – but a pretty vintage one at least – think baby blue Chevy with a spare tire on the side like my great-grandfather used to own… or the refashioned turquoise trailer seen here selling soap across the way the day before… FamilyContinue reading “A Ministry by Design”

Finding Meaning in the Things That Last

Everything is temporary. For a month I’ve been pondering that statement tucked away in the recesses of my mind. As an older friend of ours at church handed out boxes of homemade fudge at Christmas and then courageously and gracefully shared the news that he was facing an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, this was his follow up statement: EverythingContinue reading “Finding Meaning in the Things That Last”

Keeping Company With Christmas

Because it is now officially December, I shall finally speak of Christmas. That’s just how I like to roll- you know letting my holidays have their due in their respective months. Love and hugs to you all who have had your tree up since Halloween though- no judgement here- I just get overwhelmed way tooContinue reading “Keeping Company With Christmas”