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What We All Wish For

Chalk up Day 6 with no coffee. None. Not even a cup. It’s been a grievous experiment to say the least as I try and figure out what’s been causing the source of my swallowing and sinus maladies lately. When antibiotics failed to do the trick Dr. Google pointed me to “silent reflux” – which… Continue reading What We All Wish For

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How Did Christmas Find You?

When I was little our church had the most magnificent Christmas tree I’d ever seen. With the tallest of the men on 12 foot ladders I still don’t know how they reached the top. Decorating stretched into the evening as children eager with anticipation for the adults to finish stringing lights (so many lights…) waited for the real… Continue reading How Did Christmas Find You?

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Lost and Found

Fifteen minutes before leaving on vacation found me crying, with a bruise forming on top of my right cheekbone. I had lost the fight with some of the boy’s musical gear due to my own clumsiness as I loaded it into the car and a black eye was not the baggage I had planned on carrying with me for… Continue reading Lost and Found

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Color Changing Words

Somewhere beneath the piles – paper flowers, dusty estate sale trinkets, granny’s hankies, mounds of junk jewelry, musty trunks, too many pieces of dark furniture and odds and ends patiently waiting to be chalk painted – you’ll find me. I’ll be the one looking harried, covered in glue, some ink and a whole lot of sanding… Continue reading Color Changing Words

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When Your Will Isn’t My Way

{You’re about to read part two – a follow up from my post last week. If you haven’t read part one- you can find it here and I’ll be ready and waiting with the rest of the story when you get back….} Three to four hundred… Thousand… Dollars. That’s the price range the nice lady realtor relayed in her… Continue reading When Your Will Isn’t My Way