The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet

I stood in the middle of the candy aisle contemplating the merits of a duo of delicate dark chocolate almond butter cups.

The alternative: my go-to plain dark chocolate bars. In a 10-pack.

The plan was to sweeten my sour mood with chocolate.

But given my stranded status, quantity won over quality.

I wheeled the cart around the grocery store and checked my watch for the 12th time in 10 minutes calculating the arrival of my knight in a white Camry {the boy} carrying the spare set of keys. Note to self: as soon as you think you’ve graduated out of the phase of locking your keys {and phone} in the car, think again.

Just earlier my friend asked if I needed an attitude adjustment. I didn’t have to wonder much about what tipped her off. It was a close tie between the muttering under my breath and the pained look of exasperation upon my face. The hand gestures were merely a bonus.

Other ways to tell if you’re in need of your own attitude adjustment:

  • Things that used to bring you joy, now only seem to annoy
  • The mere breathing of some people in your daily travels incites aggravation
  • Your default posture at work {and sometimes home} is defense… arms crossed, slightly raised eyebrows, pursed lips…you know the stance
  • Grumbling, moodiness, and a judge-y attitude have suddenly replaced grace and mercy- with others and especially with yourself

I could go on.

The struggle is real. I’m sure you’re aware.

When you find yourself with the urge to shake fists at the world, it’s time to readjust.

{And possibly go junkin’…}

Actually, maybe past time.

A fresh perspective provides clarity and new possibilities. ~ Lindy Thackston

Before I could sufficiently drown my sorrows in dark chocolate, my ‘locksmith’ arrived breaking up my pity party of one and putting me back on the road home.

Things to remember before you find yourself locked out {or up, however the case may be}:

  • Take your time.
  • Be present.
  • Get the focus off yourself and lift someone else up- write the note, ask the questions, share the post.
  • Look for the laugh.
  • And last but not least, fill your tank. You can’t give what you don’t have and if you’re not making ample time to stow peace and gratitude in your heart you’ll feel barren later with nothing but empty hands and longing looks through the glass.

Disappointments loom large, like Goliath – when our perspective is skewed.

Sometimes people and projects are hard to deal with but grace and paint cover a multitude of sins.

And when the paint doesn’t stick and you’re left staring at just plain shabby instead of shabby chic- just apply more grace.

When you’re trying to do anything new or remotely on the path of Jesus, the devil will use every small setback to blow things out of proportion.

But it’s nothing a little sanding and better prep work can’t fix.

When we feel unqualified, remember David- he wouldn’t wear another’s armor because he knew he only needed the Lord on his side.

Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. ~ Judy Garland

When we feel discontent, recall David- he didn’t lament his lack of provision. Some could say he was unprepared- with stones instead of swords, but he was purposeful and precise with his aim because he went with what he knew.

When we feel powerless against the giant voices looming in our head, find confidence in David’s solid stance. Even when faced with taunts from Goliath, his focus remained that God was greater.

His word is our sword, discerning and discovering the truth.

And truth is the key to keep us from being locked out in disappointment.

Do you feel disappointed because something you planned didn’t work out? If so you can get re-appointed today. In God there are never any dead-ends only detours. Don’t ever give up. ~ Joyce Meyer

The best way to adjust a negative attitude is to focus on something positive.

So if you’re in need of a little re-appointment after a disappointment, won’t you join me…

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Short, sweet and to the point.

Just the pick me up you need in a busy day.

No chocolate purchase necessary.

Use the quotes as journaling prompts or print them out to remind you of God’s grace and goodness.

See you in your inbox soon!


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14 thoughts on “The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet

  1. Heather,
    So did you get any chocolate? I would have chosen both! 🙂 How frustrating to lock yourself out but that might just have been the key to these good thoughts and as you waited for your knight in the Camry 🙂 to arrive, it offered the time for reflection — as do so many times in our lives as we wait. I’m so glad God offers us his perspective on our frustrations, challenges and disappointments! But I still would have gotten some chocolate! 🙂 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I opted for the 10 pack! haha. And I may or may not have eaten two when I got home…! It had been quite the day! But it was definitely a red flag that I needed to slow my roll and be still at Jesus’ feet a little more. Our attitudes always reflect when we’re lacking that! ♥ xx


  2. Heather that was so well written. We all get into huffy moods and we do need to just rearrange ourselves or in my case take a cold shower. It is very hot where I live. It was a pleasure visiting your blog today.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh you nailed that list Heather on how to tell you need an attitude adjustment. I can so relate. Usually takes me a good week though for the penny to drop and to realise the problem is me not everyone else. Such good practical tips too for getting over ourselves – a breath of fresh air as I STILL tend to overcomplicate the answers. I make it harder than it is. Apply more paint and grace. I can go with that. Really encouraged by this line. “When you’re trying to do anything new or remotely on the path of Jesus, the devil will use every small setback to blow things out of proportion”. Thank my friend and yes – when stranded, buy chocolate!!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl– I am still working on it too!! Grace abounds. What a schemer the devil is! Glad to be able to shed some light on his tactics and help another sister out (as well as myself!) Thanks for your sweet words as always Tracey! xoxo Hope you are well! ♥


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