The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet

I stood in the middle of the candy aisle contemplating the merits of a duo of delicate dark chocolate almond butter cups. The alternative: my go-to plain dark chocolate bars. In a 10-pack. The plan was to sweeten my sour mood with chocolate. But given my stranded status, quantity won over quality. I wheeled theContinue reading “The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Hopes and Dreams

{ For the full praise rundown, click here…} Do you ever have those dreams where you’re wandering around in your pajamas? (oh, wait that was me in my story from yesterday..) Or worse yet, in your dreams, you’re sporting your underclothes or {gasp!} nothing at all in front of a crowd?! I’ve read that theseContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Hopes and Dreams”

On Being a Tree

First and foremost: Updates!! One: If you read my last post and are wondering how leading the contemporary service went….. IT WAS AWESOME! Well over 50 people there?!?!? Could not believe it. It was all a God thing! And! I wish I had thought to snap a picture with my phone but maybe myContinue reading “On Being a Tree”

For Your Friday…

{image via The Graphics Fairy} May your weekend be full of friends, food and fun. May your knees not hurt and your feet carry you far! May you throw caution to the wind, dress in what you love and enjoy the life God gave you. Remember you get to. Don’t despise getting old, because if youContinue reading “For Your Friday…”

Day 28 :: Sow Intentionally

First I shall regale you with the Monday night ‘sewing’ report: Pants hemmed for a customer, pillows fluffed and sewn up and some checkbook covers checked off for the Fall Festival on this Saturday! Incidentally I heard the weather may be less than stellar but I”m going to chose to be positive on that frontContinue reading “Day 28 :: Sow Intentionally”