On Being a Tree

First and foremost: Updates!!

One: If you read my last post and are wondering how leading the contemporary service went…..

IT WAS AWESOME! Well over 50 people there?!?!? Could not believe it. It was all a God thing! And it.was.so.fun..! I wish I had thought to snap a picture with my phone but maybe my mama has some…??

Secondly: If you aren’t doing this FREE online Bible Study by Jeanne Oliver “Becoming/The Unfolding of You” please please please check it out…I cannot tell you how blessed I’ve been to hear these stories and find a word from God especially to me in almost everyone of them. If you read blogs you may see some of your favorites there… and half the fun is finding out if their voice goes with the one you had for them in your head! ha!

Moving on…

Last: Because of that study, I found a new favorite blog The Honey Pot and I’ve been binge reading it over the last couple of days. I will sweep and clean again one day I swear… just as soon as I soak up all.her.words. Seriously good faith-filled stuff y’all. And fashion. And humor. You know I love humor. I take it as a great compliment now when my husband tells me I’m funny (not just funny looking as I always supposed…) I’m glad God gave us a matched sense of humor that we can find each other and the same things funny.


So here’s one of the verses that I read this a.m. in my devotions…

olive tree

I’m a very visual person- I like pictures, I love drawing, magazines, moving the furniture just to ‘see’ what it might look like with the t.v. under the window…ahem… but what I really love is the imagery in scriptures. I don’t think it’s by chance that there are so many great ordinary things that we can see and be reminded of a verse or story in the bible. After all, this whole world is God’s creation so he’s totally at liberty to use anything he created to reinforce His word.

Some people love rainbows because they remind them of God’s promises. A few years back, I was all about birds because they reminded me if God cares so much for the birds of the fields and provides for them then how much more will he provide for me? And of course anchors make me think of my word of the year. But lately I’ve also been drawn to references on trees.

Maybe because to be a strong tree, you’ve got to have a good root system- something to anchor in into the ground – and this plays right along with the theme this year. Trees withstand a lot – hot, cold, wind, rain- and the strongest ones bend without breaking.

I really want to be like a tree. Always reaching and looking up. Able to stand through a storm even if I lose some leaves or branches. Pruning is actually a good thing y’all. I want to yield fruit at the right time and in the right season– no fruitless fig trees need apply. Speaking of figs- have you ever read the story where Jesus cursed the fig tree? Joyce Meyer and the Amplified bible explained that on a fig tree, the fruit and leaves appear at the same time. So when Jesus saw a leafy fig tree in the distance, he expected a fig filled breakfast but when he got up close, he was pretty disappointed. Apparently that fig tree wasn’t functioning properly and it suffered the consequences. It makes me hyper-aware lately examining my own life to guard against the same fate….

Leaves but no fruit.

Are we just talking the talk? Or are we really walking the walk because as somebody once said, “sitting in church won’t make you a Christian anymore than sitting in the garage will make you a car.”

I’ve got to keep watering my spirit with the word of God. Bow in the presence of the son on a regular basis. Dig deep so those roots have somewhere to go. If you’ve ever seen a tree uprooted in a big storm you’ll see pretty good evidence of a shallow existence…

It’s 2015 y’all. It’s ripe with possibility. Whatever difficulties we have been facing, let’s look at them as, “growth opportunities” (Lysa Terkeurst, The Best Yes I just finished that book and it was AWESOME as well) AND BURY THEM!

I’m feeling a pull to branch out this year. How about you??

I will praise you forever for what you have done; in your name I will hope, for your name is good. I will praise you in the presence of your saints. ~Psalm 52:9



6 thoughts on “On Being a Tree

  1. This is fabulous, Heather! I also love the imagery in the scriptures and how there seem to be lessons in every living thing that point me to God. Oh, how I want to be like a tree, too. Beautiful post!!

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