What Grace Sounds Like

I pondered the words of the old familiar hymn and repeated them over in my head but couldn’t get past the first line: Amazing grace how sweet the sound. I know that song ten ways from Sunday but the idea that grace had a sound was striking to me. What does grace sound like? If it’s sweetContinue reading “What Grace Sounds Like”

Rejection and a Rock-n-Roll Christmas

Let’s play a game shall we? Notice anything lacking in the picture below? (other than lack of focus?? I could blame the camera but it’s most likely user error…) If you said not one gift is wrapped or nestled under the tree, well you’d be exactly right. That’s how we roll… and by that IContinue reading “Rejection and a Rock-n-Roll Christmas”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Music

{For details on what this 30 days of Grateful Praise is all about click here…} Of course you probably saw this one coming– this notion that music rocks my world. I’m pretty sure (ok 100% sure)  that my first email to my now husband contained the phrase, “I love, love, love music…” Though our concert going waysContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Music”

How to Travel Well: Notes From Nashville

I fully expected to return from our Nashville vacation rested and brimming with answers to situations that had been plaguing me… I thought we’d bring back scads of pictures and treasures from the flea market….I imagined my return would be ripe with ideas for blog posts and new family adventures. I just knew direction andContinue reading “How to Travel Well: Notes From Nashville”

Orange You Glad it’s Friday?

Once upon a time I considered getting a tatoo. Something bird related or scripture related a la Luke 12 or some kind of intricate faith filled cross design all crossed my mind. But I never could decide. It was post divorce and I eventually moved past it. It was understandable though because the second hole piercing inContinue reading “Orange You Glad it’s Friday?”