30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Music


{For details on what this 30 days of Grateful Praise is all about click here…}

Of course you probably saw this one coming– this notion that music rocks my world.

I’m pretty sure (ok 100% sure)  that my first email to my now husband contained the phrase, “I love, love, love music…” Though our concert going ways have dwindled slightly in the last few years…. being older and slightly more lazy wins out sometimes…. he does still keep the spark alive by sending me links to new stuff I may not have heard of yet– like this guy who is garnering all the buzz today after the CMAs last night.

Before clinging to the word I may have been prone to hold onto songs as my anchors. I can still put on certain CDs and be transported back to a specific time in my life…complete with all the accompanying feelings.


Music shaped a lot of my memories and still continues to work it’s magic to this day.

I’m grateful for ears to hear it, a voice to sing it and people to play it with. Music has brought me to some of my dearest friends. It’s been a familiar tune in my little family as I watch the boy pursue his dreams and get exponentially better at guitar than I could ever dream to be.


I’m grateful for all the ways music plays out in my life. For the old tattered blue hymnal and all the contemporary songs on our Christian radio station. For bluegrass, old country and rock and roll.

It takes all kinds you know.

What’s your favorite music or hymn? I’m all ears…


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Music

  1. Well, you know I am a music lover as well. Gospel speaks to me frequently. My first hymn I learned to play on the piano was What A Friend We Have In Jesus. I still love that song, and oh what a FRIEND he is. I accepted Christ on Just As I Am. That is a special one for me. Thank goodness he accepts us as we are, because I am far from perfect. I continue to strive for that perfection, but know that won’t come until I am joined with him above. Music is a sermon for my soul so many times. I am so grateful for music and how it speaks to me about his love.

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    1. Awww… yeah I think Dad wants Just As I Am sung at his funeral?!? Good thing Jesus loves us just as we are… sometimes I’m a mess! You know you hooked me on music all those years ago watching you play the piano : ) ♥


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