30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Voting and Apple Pies


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Last Sunday my dad gave me a whole bag full of apples. Apparently the going rate for the electrical services of a retired guy is a bushel of Fujis. Since he had an abundance I took some off his hands and then I was faced with my own overpopulation of fresh picked fruit.

So I did what any weight conscious (because my doctor so helpfully stated that I could probably stand to lose 5 pounds…) healthy eating person would do…

I made pies.


Ehh, tomorrow’s another day… and I mean, there was fruit involved…

They may not have been the prettiest pies, but they were highly edible. {Don’t worry Dad yours is on it’s way tonight…!}

As I peeled, sliced, cored and stirred it was a fine time for my mind to play over the events of the day.Yesterday state elections were held and even though it was mainly local offices and senate stuff, all in my little family went out to rock the vote.

I smiled as I thought about how the boy wrote the date on the back of his “I Voted” sticker and tucked it in his wallet with the first sticker from last year’s inaugural voting effort. Who can believe he’s 19 already???  I’m a proud parent watching him exercise this right of casting a vote. It’s a liberty and a freedom we (still) have in this country. This liberty to choose. It’s as American as apple pie… or maybe that’s supposed to be baseball?

In all things, we get to choose. Will we get up with a smile or grump around? Will we wear the pink or the blue shirt? Oatmeal or eggs? The apple or the apple pie…?? (obviously some days the healthy choices fly right out the window. The struggle is real y’all.)

Some choices seem small but they add up to make a big impact… just ask my doctor. And some choices are big- will we or won’t we follow Jesus? But making that right choice can somehow makes the rest of the big decisions seem small.

 “Now listen! Today I am giving you a choice between life and death, between prosperity and disaster. For I command you this day to love the Lord your God and to keep his commands, decrees, and regulations by walking in his ways. If you do this, you will live and multiply, and the Lord your God will bless you and the land you are about to enter and occupy. ~Deuteronomy 30:15-16

We’ve been binge watching all the old episodes of that Tim Allen show, “Last Man Standing” lately on CMT…and aside from the 1,001 Kellie Pickler promos during every.single.commercial break, we’ve been pretty entertained. In an episode about voting, one of the younger characters makes quite a statement when he says that in the booth, no one can tell you what to do. You alone get to make the choice.

I can’t tell you what to do but I can tell you that there is always liberty and freedom available when you choose Jesus.

So I’m off to eat an apple… maybe. But before I go, did you vote? What’s your favorite pie? What choices are you grateful for today?

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7 thoughts on “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Voting and Apple Pies

  1. Ok this post was worth saving for after my meeting! 🙂 Seriously? Your dr told you to lose 5 pounds?! That’s crazy and I applaud you for making apple pies the day after such news was delivered unceremoniously! I think the pies look delicious. And I love the line about electrical work in exchange for Fuijis!!! I’m raising my coffee mug to you — here’s to more pie!! xo

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    1. Amen sister! Let us all eat pie, I say!
      : ) Maybe all I really need is a little muscle toning… I’m not nearly as svelte as I used to be…a hazard of marriage… and cooking dinner every night : ) And in case you were wondering, I did choose to eat the apple with my lunch…not the pie…!
      : )


  2. Good morning. Yes I voted. Today I’m grateful for the freedoms we have. Voting is certainly an important one. We are so blessed as a country and as children of an amazing GOD. The freedom to worship our God is a very important one and we need to exercise that as much as we can for he is truly worthy of praise. Now apples, I also have a bushel. They are really good. Apple pie warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is wonderful. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I should be very healthy. Love you girl and your inspiration.

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  3. My first time here and I’m glad to meet you at Holley’s today! So refreshing – i did just eat melty warm chocolate chip cookies with choc mint ice cream (ONLY bec I had a friend over… didn’t want her to feel alone) even tho it’s not on my PLAN to lose 20 lbs. I think it was totally worth it, but it is all about choice and decisions – to vote, to cook, to follow, to submit, to cheer on, to confront and to love – always to love. May I choose that every time. We live near apple orchards, strangely enough and so we love the Fall – 7 min from the Pacific Ocean – but drought has slowed everything down. Let’s exchange some recipes – i’m always up for a new one or six.

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    1. Hey there Miss Sue!! Mmmm chocolate chip cookies…hmmm… I may have to jump on that train! I would love to share my apple pie recipe (it’s wickedly simple…!) How cool– you’re my first west coaster to comment here..! I’m so glad Holley brought us together! And yes, LOVE surely is the most important choice we are called to make ♥ Looking forward to getting to know you better friend! ♥


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