Happy Thanksliving

…Thought you caught me huh? Nope not a typo… : )

I know tomorrow is the official turkey day but I thought I’d beat the rush… plus you might be too busy loading up your plate and napping to read tomorrow!

Somewhere in the last week I read about this idea of “Thanks-living” and it’s been on my mind ever since. So I decided to challenge myself to find five things I’m thankful for each day…

I’ll admit getting started some days is difficult….. sometimes I wake up looking like this…

... oh wait that's my grumpy cat... I'll spare you a picture of a grumpy me...!
… oh wait that’s my grumpy cat… I’ll spare you a picture of a grumpy me…!

But once I start really thinking and looking the list expands quickly

(yes I cheat by listing multiple things on some lines…!)

thanksliving 1

…an apparently I never know what day it is….

thanksliving 2

One thing I’ve found by listing stuff out is that it puts me in a state of thankfulness for the rest of the day…. Hence the Thanks “living” I suppose…

Which is cool because it makes the little annoyances easier to deal with…like last night when the taco train derailed….helpful hint: if you’re thinking all day you’re going to have tacos for dinner and you start thawing your taco meat, please make sure you have shells and tortillas…. Otherwise you’re having nachos…well if you have chips….taco pancakes probably aren’t going to fly either…

So this is my early Thanksgiving wish for you…As you carve your turkey or lasagna or your blooming onion (!) with your loved ones this year, don’t forget to carve out time to count your blessings.

Write them down- none are too small!

The greatest blessing of all is we have a God who loves us. He is God in the good and the bad. So rejoice and give thanks and then go forth and live it out!

joyful thanksgiving
image via here

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksliving

  1. Hey Sweetie! I am really enjoying your blog…. You are doing such a good job at it. I love the “Thanksliving” one. We are all so blessed. You & your guys are a huge blessing to me and I love you very much. See you all tomorrow. Love, Mom


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