What’cha Got Cookin’…? Thanksgiving Edition

The countdown is T-5 hours until my parents arrive expecting the house to be fur-free (or at least the furniture) and our pre-Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner ready to roll…we don’t play by the rules ’round here… So, will it happen…?? Time will tell. Prayers welcome..! But there will be pie (thankfully!) and a turkey (hallelujah!) … … More What’cha Got Cookin’…? Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksliving

…Thought you caught me huh? Nope not a typo… : ) I know tomorrow is the official turkey day but I thought I’d beat the rush… plus you might be too busy loading up your plate and napping to read tomorrow! Somewhere in the last week I read about this idea of “Thanks-living” and it’s … More Happy Thanksliving