The Best of the Thanksgiving Leftovers

After attending two church services, one black Friday shopping excursion, hanging three shelves and baking four apple pies over the course of the long holiday weekend (p.s. I still have apples…) I’m not done savoring this one little word: gratitude. I’m grateful that Thanksgiving came in spite of my bratty attitude which proceeded it. I’m thankful that despite my … More The Best of the Thanksgiving Leftovers

What’cha Got Cookin’…? Thanksgiving Edition

The countdown is T-5 hours until my parents arrive expecting the house to be fur-free (or at least the furniture) and our pre-Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner ready to roll…we don’t play by the rules ’round here… So, will it happen…?? Time will tell. Prayers welcome..! But there will be pie (thankfully!) and a turkey (hallelujah!) … … More What’cha Got Cookin’…? Thanksgiving Edition