Don’t Fear the Birds

There’s a story that makes its rounds in our family about my dad as a little boy who was afraid of the “boos”.

Now I’m not talking ghosts and goblins but a boo was what he called a bird before he knew the right terminology and they spooked him some kind of bad. Part of me thinks Alfred Hitchcock may have had something to do with it.

Fast forward to his working years when sleep was at a premium. After a few night shifts in a row left him exhausted and might we say, cranky, he may or may not have thrown open the window in a moment of exasperation due to all the twittering and chirping in the early morning and forcefully administered a request for them to all just shut up! Stress does funny things to folks… just ask me how I know… or maybe not…

Don’t worry my father and the birds are all on good terms now. He feeds them regularly and he and mom call some of them by funny names and all is forgiven. There’s no more fear of the “boos”. Though there are a few squirrels who are somewhat irksome and persistent.

In spite of all that, I’ve always loved birds though my pull towards them as of late may have a little more to do with all the imagery found in scripture about Jesus taking care of the sparrows and the birds of the field. I’m a sucker for a feather now-a-days… even if it’s been there a while and looking a little worse for the wear…. to me it’s a kind of heavenly reminder that God’s got my back.

broken feather

Sometimes I forget that though… anxiety snares me and drags me down. Last week I had one of those trapped kind of days… Lately with the mystifying sciatica issue that seems to be plaguing me it’s easier to succumb to the the self pity- party of one- than to deposit myself with God and trust His hand. The annoyance of not feeling 100% just seems to multiply the struggle I feel with time management, direction with my business (did I mention I was invited back to participate in another vintage show in October…??!!) and beating myself up over supposed wrongs. Though Jesus calls for us to be living sacrifice to HIM only, I crawl off the altar quite regularly if we’re gonna be honest here. It really wasn’t pretty waking up at midnight in the grip of nerves strung up tight, hands tingling and lips feeling numb. Quite an uninvited fear but aren’t they all?

He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along. ~ Psalm 40:2

Somehow I know there is a purpose in all the pain.

A meaning for the mess.

A promise of bread when we ask for provision and not stones.

And you my friend, are not alone.

wm kittens!

{…obligatory kitten picture… I couldn’t resist sharing the cuteness… you’re welcome… the ceramic bunny is not their mama however they do seem to like to congregate around him… ok moving on…!}

I was reading about Elijah again earlier this week. He declared the word from the Lord that there would be no rain for 3 years, battled false gods on Mount Carmel where God’s power was indeed revealed and heralded the return of showers that would water a dry and thirsty land. Brother was victorious and yet even he was afraid.

The first mention of Elijah always intrigues me because God was having him be fed by ravens in the wilderness. It reminds me of the manna provided for the Israelites. They were given just what they needed at just the right time they needed it. If only I could be that trusting! The fact of the matter is I’m way more inclined to pack a lunch and forge my own way with or without God’s blessing.

Sound familiar?

Gosh it leaves me so confused, defeated and tired.

My man Elijah found himself in the same spirit and fled to God- hoping to hear a word from him. 1 Kings 9 finds God asking Elijah, “What are you doing here?”… a loaded question if I ever heard one… Why am I in this pit? Why can’t I seem to find you Lord? But you can’t answer a question with a question. By the way did you know that the best place to hide anything valuable is up high? Years ago I saw a show that mentioned thieves rarely look up.  And maybe that’s my problem too…

So the Lord ordered Elijah to stand before him on the mountain where the spirit of the Lord passed by in a mighty windstorm, an earthquake and a fire but his voice wasn’t in any of those loud displays.

Instead what followed was the sound of a gentle and quiet whisper.

Something clicked in the corners of my mind the other day and I thought what if God has to blow off the dust, shake up our lives and burn down the brush and weeds that have grown up in them in order for His voice to be heard? He certainly had me dusting off my faith by drawing me back into reading the bible a few years ago and shook me with some life changes. Maybe now follows the burning down of all I’m familiar with- changing of the landscape as I know it – all in an effort to produce that fruit from the seed of transformation he planted long ago. What follows will be some new creation- hopefully one a lot less apt to be anxious!


Friends, whatever you’re dealing with today I’m with you. He is with you too.

Just Lay it down, look up and remember don’t fear the birds.


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