Five Links to Love This Weekend and an Invitation…

~Don’t get discouraged, it may be the last key in the bunch that opens the door. ~ Stansifer

wm cuffs

Happy Happy Friday my friends! This is it! We are on the cusp of what is going to be a great weekend! (And hopefully a dry one!) Can I tell you these Friday posts are becoming my favorite? Being able to collect fun things I’ve read and heard all week and then sharing them with you here, well it’s just awesome. I hope you enjoy it too? I guess that’s why I like doing shows -I get to reclaim all kinds of goodies and rework them into something beautiful to offer up to you for your own collection… but more on that in a minute… First the links:

♥Found this lady’s blog through Holley Gerth’s link up and a sweet comment she left on my post from Wednesday… if you take away nothing else from her writing at least savor this: “Sometimes, God doesn’t change our situation because He’s trying to change our heart.” Yep I need to write that down and refer to it often…

♥After getting a mug with this gal’s artwork as a gift I became smitten with her site… I am becoming a sucker for white walls and calligraphy… it’s a step up from my paint everything black phase for sure..!

♥ Indeed how much better our lives get when we Consider the Source… and this question, “How do you need to rearrange your day so you can experience regular deep contentment, joy and confidence with God?” stopped me in my tracks

This song…I usually listen to the local Christian station while I’m getting ready in the mornings and it seems like every time my ear perks up to a song that speaks to me, I check what’s playing and 9 times out of 10 it’s MercyMe…! I guess I should just automatically know by now it’s going to be them! This line specifically hit me right between the eyes this morning, “Then like a hero who takes the stage when we’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s to late, well let me introduce you to grace…” Amen!

♥ And always this song… from waaay back…before this blogging thing, before the boy, before I really found my love for God and vintage everything … I stood in a brand new green vinyl sided rancher on a little man made lake and thought I wanted to be Sonya Isaacs- but sadly I lack singing brothers and sisters to back me… and mandolin skills…but still a girl can dream right?

So I’ll be here tomorrow! All day! Under a blue tent…!!! And I’m excited!!… and I’m a little nervous…how did it get here so quick! Come out and say hi? Please don’t leave me hanging if you’re anywhere near Richmond!!! ♥

None of this would be possible without the encouragement you all have given me and the inspiration I draw from God in seeing how we are all His handiwork recreated in Christ Jesus to do good things that he has planned for us. {Ephesians 2:10} That verse has been like my banner as I go forth picking fabrics and collecting lovely things to offer up to you. I want my little offerings here to be modeled after His pattern of taking the lost or broken lovelies with missing pieces and making them whole and useful again- recreating them to lived renewed lives in your homes and spreading the truth that God loves you.

That’s my prayer for not only these earthly wares but for my life and yours.

Vintage market promo

So thank you as always for your kind encouragement, your love and support!

Be blessed and have a lovely weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “Five Links to Love This Weekend and an Invitation…

  1. Look at you! All ready for your show! Everything looks simply gorgeous! I’m so excited for you! I just love these words that you’re taking broken lovelies and making them useful again — just like God does with us –yes! And that song by Mercy Me is one of my favorites too! xo

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