30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Babies

Today I’m thankful for babies. If you’ve known me for a while this is probably a strange statement to see typed in black and white but I’m about to be an aunt again come February and I just can’t help it. We celebrated this weekend with the prerequisite shower for my sweet sister-in-law full ofContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Babies”

Rock Conquers All

In my living room there’s a print bought from a Target long ago right when my family expanded beyond just me and the two felines that says, “Rock Conquers All”. We are all music lovers so it was very fitting at the time. If you squint you can see it right behind the chair belowContinue reading “Rock Conquers All”

For When There’s Sand in Your Shell

Confession: I have a little sand in my shell… I wish I could say it’s from the beach but that’s somewhere we don’t visit often. {image via The Graphics Fairy…. and frankly she cracks me up because it’s as if she’s giving that look of “seriously?” but it’s probably just my projection given my mood!} ThoughContinue reading “For When There’s Sand in Your Shell”

Five Links to Love This Weekend and an Invitation…

~Don’t get discouraged, it may be the last key in the bunch that opens the door. ~ Stansifer Happy Happy Friday my friends! This is it! We are on the cusp of what is going to be a great weekend! (And hopefully a dry one!) Can I tell you these Friday posts are becoming myContinue reading “Five Links to Love This Weekend and an Invitation…”

For When You’re Stuck Between Hurry Up and Wait

My son is a turtle. No, that’s not a metaphor. Let me try again: my son was a turtle last Friday for preschool graduation. No he’s not in preschool, he’s a big boy now but a duty at one of his many places of employment was to dress up as this mascot. Oh the things weContinue reading “For When You’re Stuck Between Hurry Up and Wait”