For When You’re Stuck Between Hurry Up and Wait

My son is a turtle.

No, that’s not a metaphor. Let me try again: my son was a turtle last Friday for preschool graduation. No he’s not in preschool, he’s a big boy now but a duty at one of his many places of employment was to dress up as this mascot. Oh the things we do for our jobs.

turtle corey

Looking at this 6 foot turtle brought me back to Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare. If slow and steady wins the race then I am well on track to the checkered flag being the late bloomer that I am. Which then brought to mind ol’ Abraham and Sarah, I mean all those years of waiting, plodding around the desert, praying for God’s answer to their prayer, being detoured when they tried to take control back from God but yet…

Still God came through.

WM sunglass view

Years ago I had the guts to leave a full time job to try my hand at the craft show circuit 24/7. My offerings at that point in time were stacks of grapevine wreaths adorned with a plethora of fake flowers and lots of painted wooden things. It was the earrrrly 2000s…. Long story short, I ended up back in the workforce after giving it a short go. Almost 15 years later here I am staring into the same conundrum. After investing these string of years in a regular 9 to 5, the fear rolled up in starting out on a new course seems unbearable some days even though the pull to blaze a new trail feels so right. Apparently some dreams just won’t be stifled. They demand to come out.

I heard a graduation speaker last week that gave an interesting illustration: If you go into a class of 2nd graders and ask them how many of you can paint? You’ll probably see every kid in that class raise their hand. Now go into a room full of adults and ask the same thing: how many will raise their hand? One, maybe two??? What happened to that confidence…? Years of being told we can’t paint… or maybe our own determination that we can’t paint as well as the next person holding a paint brush or the feeling that there’s no security in painting… they don’t call them starving artists for nothing you know. So after a while we shut that door, tie up that dream with a cute little bow and sit it on a shelf. But who are we to call or not call ourselves painters or entrepreneurs or any other host of descriptive words…shouldn’t our view of our talents and callings be solely examined through God’s lens?


So in a lull, while I should have been tying up loose ends for the show on Saturday, I took a Facebook quiz yesterday. I know most of them are silly- but you can’t tell me you haven’t been sucked into at least one and know with confidence what Wizard of Oz character you’re most like or what state should you live in. So what made me play along? The title was “what career should you have?” The friend whose results led me to the quiz was matched with writer. (She’s a hair dresser by the way.) In spite of that, I figured it would be worth a laugh. So I checked those oh so scientific boxes on upwards of 10 questions such as, “what instills the most fear in you?- tightrope walking without a net, swimming in a lake full of alligators or investing on the stock market?” I checked the box for what irritates me the fastest: printers that wont print (seriously this is gets my goat every time just ask the boy) and clicked submit.

The career destined for me as determined by Facebook: motivational speaker. Hilarious. (says the girl who fudged a word on purpose to avoid being on stage for the spelling bee in elementary school.) So to prove it wrong I took it again this time choosing the 2nd best choices on questions that I wavered on (maybe alligators are slightly more scary than the stock market) clicked submit and again was bestowed with motivational speaker. I did the Moses thing and claimed that I’m not eloquent in the least– you’re blessed here that I proofread and refine my thoughts otherwise we’d be in a communication black hole full of fleeting emotions and lots of speaking without thinking.

To be motivational you have to always be positive and say nice things right?… but if I dont always do that with myself, well, I was seriously overthinking this whole quiz situation not to mention getting sidetracked by one giant rabbit hole! To break the mind loop I was in, I took the quiz again because the third time’s a charm right? And I got bodyguard, so I knew the quiz was hooey. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

We’re all searching for that perfect thing. While I’ve been blessed with many jobs in my life, I still haven’t found that one job that makes me want to jump out of bed and tackle the workday. And sometimes I get discouraged- I know you do too. Maybe we never will have those dream jobs. Or maybe it’s just not our time yet. Either way I’m more than sure that God’s not leaving us here to suffer midway in the struggle of wanting to work with our passions verses our reality. He is already after all that perfect thing we should focus on seeking and he promises some great blessings are in store for us.

tags and signs

Christ said, “Let us go to the other side- not the middle of the lake to be drowned.”~ Dan Crawford in reference to Mark 4:35 

So while we fill our human days with the work he’s provided for our hands, I can’t say how long the dreary and sometimes scary wait will be to see our passion promises fulfilled and that’s probably a good thing. I only know we’re called to worship in the wait. Reading a Streams in the Desert Devotional the other day, I jotted down these words to refer back to:

….So in gracious love the length of the weary years was hidden…. If God had told Abraham that he must wait for thirty years until he pressed the promised child to his bosom his heart would have failed him…

God has us waiting out of love, not punishment. Gracious love. Some how this not knowing if today could be the day to see a promise play out, it gives me a new resolve to wait expectantly, lovingly and ready. Because even God’s not in the hare-ish habit of hurry.

right where youre supposed to be

{mug by Aedriel Moxley via a dear friend…}

What dream or passion are you waiting to see come to fruition? What’s your craziest task you’ve ever completed for a job?

Don’t get discouraged, it may be the last key in the bunch that opens the door. ~ Stansifer

Linking up with some fine ladies over at Miss Holley’s today…

6 thoughts on “For When You’re Stuck Between Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Hi Heather! Found you through the link up with Holley, and I’m so glad I clicked on your post.
    Throughout it, I was nodding, yes, yes! I too, occasionally get sucked into those silly FB tests and most often think they’re hooey too. But really? Two times and the answers came out the same? Makes me go hmmm.
    This sentence gave me pause, “But who are we to call or not call ourselves painters or entrepreneurs or any other host of descriptive words…shouldn’t our view of our talents and callings be solely examined through God’s lens?”
    It resonated so deeply with what God is speaking to my own heart. That it’s not my place to tell Him what talents and gifts I will or won’t use ~ whether out of fear or laziness, or unbelief, or whatever.
    Thank you for these encouraging words of affirmation. {And *that* is what a motivational speaker does ~ encourages} 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awww Caryn… thanks for your sweet words!! I guess you are right-encouraging words count!! SO glad you stopped over from Holley’s! I’d love to hear what God’s speaking to your own heart my friend…?! Have a blessed day! ♥


  2. Love the big shot of the mug! And did you make/sew the turtle costume?? 🙂 How hilarious was that FB quiz (well, the part about the bodyguard??!!) but you know, I don’t think motivational speaker was so far off, they just missed the part that should have been writer — because you are indeed a motivational writer, even if you don’t want to take the stage to speak to us! Your words powerfully encourage us all, friend! 🙂


    1. : ) Nope I draw the line at full size turtle costumes! Yeah you’re probably right maybe there was a nugget of truth in that quiz despite how loathsome FB can be sometimes! LOL! ♥


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