When I Grow Up…

Four score and seven years ago (ok maybe just last September…) I bought this old, dusty, dirty, falling apart frame…

star and nutcrackers

(seen above hanging out behind the nutcrackers standing guard on the floor at Christmas…)

I endured strange looks from my husband and questions as to what in the world was I going to do with it? It had no glass… the hanger on the back had seen better days… and every time we moved it from one room to another to lean up against a new wall as it awaited my epiphany, I had to sweep up another pile of debris because all its beautiful relief pattern in the plaster? wood? was slowly decaying into oblivion…(aren’t we all…!) But I still loved it and had grand plans for it…plus it only cost me 25 cents…

...virtual 'where's waldo'... do you see my frame??...
…let’s play I Spy… can you spy my frame??…

Finally last week, I threw caution to tetanus shots and lead paint and capitalized on an idea I’d seen here many moons ago…

watermarked board
Ahh… yes chicken wire… such farmhouse cuteness without the work (or smell) of the chickens…! Enter new (old) problem as referenced by my dear husband: What am I going to do with it…?

Now that I am technically a grown up (one score and fourteen years…!) Maybe I should do some grown up things like, set some goals?? Otherwise I’m no better than that seagull who intends to fly but never really gets off his feathered rump and displaces that air…So I mulled over the idea and since I am more of a visual kind of gal, I decided to use pictures and words to make my version of a goal/dream/inspiration board…

It’s public knowledge (at least in my house) that when I grow up I want to be a Gypsy Picker Rehab Dawg… {If you watch any of these shows- Junk Gypsy, American Pickers, Rehab Addict or Salvage Dawgs — and love them too, then we’re halfway to becoming lifelong friends…!} At the very least, I want to visit those that have shops.  (At the very best, I’d somehow find my way onto their payroll…!) They all inspire me in new ways to decorate and help people fall in love their homes and possessions all over again. They all treasure history and what it can teach us both in design and simplicity of the past and they have great appreciation for turning old into new. Couple that picker, salvage, and junk inspiration with my love to create – either in word or craft and a penchant for organizing, sewing and rearranging and you’ll see the essence of what I’m aspiring too…or you’ll be really tired just thinking about it…it’s ok, it makes me tired sometimes too…!

...a visual reminder for me every day...
…a visual reminder for me every day…

Since they say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, if I could do one thing with my life going forward in the next year, it would be to find a way to make a living off of those many things represented on my board that I enjoy… I’ve learned in my old age (!) that I can get bored easily and I like variation (hence all the furniture moving…) I’m also not a fan of sitting still for too long… So, I ponder what if the stars aligned and I could write my own ticket? By working with clients on organizing, redesigning  and sewing jobs?? Selling reclaimed and reworked pieces at vintage trunk shows and on Etsy?? And growing my little blog all the while in the in-between…maybe even getting published for real somewhere? Could this ever work? I don’t know… but if I don’t start taking steps to get outta my coop I’ll never know… Those really smart “un-squirrel-y” people call it diversification and it sounds like a good thing..!

So what do you guys love? What do you want to do when you grow up? I’d love to know!

12 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

  1. I need your organizing skills. We can set up a time and just do it. I am not good at that by myself. Love you girl


  2. My restoration of American-made vintage furniture (and later expanded to antiques) started not not unlike your “dream”. Necessity started me restoring furniture for my own use. Surprisingly, the pieces “spoke” to me as to how they were made and where and how they were used. While working on some pieces in my garage,neighbors began asking me to find and work on pieces for them. Next thing ya’ know…I had myself a little business. All low tech (as were some of the pieces made) and no overhead. After a while I moved into a real shop downtown. Only the prospect of my wife and I relocating made me close up. But, this little side line will return – with a Southern twist!

    P.S. If that frame is still “shedding” try a light coat of varnish (satin) or even wax.


    1. Thanks for the idea on the frame Bill! I think I have a can of something in my stash : ) And thanks for sharing- it gives me hope. Can’t wait for you to experience the South : ) Have a great day!


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