Decorating A.D.D.

....if I love this tree, does it make me a squirrel???
….if I love this tree, does it make me a squirrel???

If you looked into my brain you would probably find a squirrel- All hyped up running to and fro……pick this, bury this, catch this…it just.never.stops! One thing leads to another in my mind and I usually end up flipping around avoiding the big trucks while running back and forth between tasks…

My house kinda looks like a whole squirrel family lives there sometimes too. Piles of things over here to sell, a pile of fabric over there to finish a project, piles of precious “acorns” stashed away to use and remake into something wonderful at a later date! I have awesome ideas, but I’m always working on the focus and follow through! Kind of a Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder if you will…! And somehow, I don’t think I’m alone!

There’s just so many things I’m interested in and love to do- and there’s so many ways to decorate, so many things I could make and so many decisions to be made that sometimes I can get a little decision paralysis going on too! From a squirrel to a deer caught in the headlights in 6.8 seconds….. So that’s when I have to step back and think what’s my purpose? What’s really important?

When all my human reasoning, scheduling, decision making abilities and planning fails, I Seek God. Breathe. Walk away from it and come back later. Focus on somebody else. And pretty much every time, He provides the answer.

….Now if I could just receive some enlightenment on the window covering situation in the living room my husband would be a happy man! Are there any things or decisions you’re feeling ‘squirrel-ly’ about lately?

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