How Are You Coming to Christmas?

Throw the party He said. It’ll be fun, He said. Keep it simple, He said — because my son is simple. {The “He” above of course, meaning God…} But you know me. Visions of sugarplums- stars and decked out dress forms- danced in my head. And since creativity honors our creator, we ran with it.Continue reading “How Are You Coming to Christmas?”

Falling into a Season of Simple

For a good part of a year or two now, I’ve been plotting and planning how I would get back to the mountains for a hike. Since it’s not good to hike alone, I pestered proposed a trip to several friends but nothing panned out. In my discouragement I finally prayed and let it go.Continue reading “Falling into a Season of Simple”

17 Things I Learned the Summer of ’17

This time next week I’ll be wrapping up another trip to Nashville. Have you ever been? It’s pretty cool and it’s become an annual pilgrimage for us {you can read about some favorite spots and trip dos and don’ts here and here} I’m equally parts excited and queasy as per usual. It seems surreal sinceContinue reading “17 Things I Learned the Summer of ’17”

How to Become a Soul Proprietor

After more months than I care to admit, I finally re-potted the houseplants. They humored me by staying alive this long, I figured they were due. It appears I need incentives to get things done. Having the folks up for a Father’s Day dinner made me pick that bag of dirt up out of theContinue reading “How to Become a Soul Proprietor”

Living at The Speed of Life

I felt like a teenager again- and not in a good way. Dressing for court in my most grown-up ensemble and bringing along the boy for moral support (or a scared straight tactic…whichever…) I faced a judge for the first time in my driving career last summer. Mercifully, he granted driving school for the speeding ticket I was given months before.Continue reading “Living at The Speed of Life”