How Are You Coming to Christmas?

Throw the party He said. It’ll be fun, He said. Keep it simple, He said — because my son is simple. {The “He” above of course, meaning God…} But you know me. Visions of sugarplums- stars and decked out dress forms- danced in my head. And since creativity honors our creator, we ran with it.Continue reading “How Are You Coming to Christmas?”

A Ministry by Design

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I’d been run over by a truck – but a pretty vintage one at least – think baby blue Chevy with a spare tire on the side like my great-grandfather used to own… or the refashioned turquoise trailer seen here selling soap across the way the day before… FamilyContinue reading “A Ministry by Design”

How to Get Ready for a Brave New Year

I opened my first Christmas present this year almost a full 10 days before the 25th of December. Giddy with childlike anticipation, I just couldn’t wait so I tore the FedEx box open to reveal a bubble mailer, ripped a hole in its plastic walls, extracted a green and red box tied with a velvet ribbonContinue reading “How to Get Ready for a Brave New Year”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Breath and Strength

My feet hit the floor Friday morning (although at an ungodly hour… which I’ll explain in a second) and carried me to the kitchen. My lungs took in air and pushed it out all with little effort or thought and I was able to use my hands to pour creamer into a pretty ceramic steamingContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Breath and Strength”

Sensible Faith, Easter, Friends and Cake

There are approximately 924 things I feel the need to tell you about today… sooo I’m sorry or you’re welcome depending on what you’re in the mood for….♥ I did a little Easter decorating last night and by that I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:42 pm I plunked two fabulous vintage Easter post cardsContinue reading “Sensible Faith, Easter, Friends and Cake”