17 Things I Learned the Summer of ’17

This time next week I’ll be wrapping up another trip to Nashville. Have you ever been? It’s pretty cool and it’s become an annual pilgrimage for us {you can read about some favorite spots and trip dos and don’ts here and here} I’m equally parts excited and queasy as per usual. It seems surreal sinceContinue reading “17 Things I Learned the Summer of ’17”

How to Answer When Creation Comes to Call

Our sweet outdoor kitty, not much older than a kitten herself, suddenly became a mama- not that she didn’t know it – but rather it came as a surprise to us. At 10:30 am there was one. By 11:52, two more. Tiny things that barely looked like cats according to the boy who witnessed theContinue reading “How to Answer When Creation Comes to Call”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Breath and Strength

My feet hit the floor Friday morning (although at an ungodly hour… which I’ll explain in a second) and carried me to the kitchen. My lungs took in air and pushed it out all with little effort or thought and I was able to use my hands to pour creamer into a pretty ceramic steamingContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Breath and Strength”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Being Small

So far I’m two for two on following through with the challenge. How about you? And today I’m grateful for being small. For living in a small town. For my small house. For favoring small stores (seriously my mama and I ventured into the Wal-Mart this past weekend and I finally realized it’s just too darn bigContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Being Small”

Orange You Glad it’s Friday?

Once upon a time I considered getting a tatoo. Something bird related or scripture related a la Luke 12 or some kind of intricate faith filled cross design all crossed my mind. But I never could decide. It was post divorce and I eventually moved past it. It was understandable though because the second hole piercing inContinue reading “Orange You Glad it’s Friday?”