The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet

I stood in the middle of the candy aisle contemplating the merits of a duo of delicate dark chocolate almond butter cups. The alternative: my go-to plain dark chocolate bars. In a 10-pack. The plan was to sweeten my sour mood with chocolate. But given my stranded status, quantity won over quality. I wheeled theContinue reading “The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet”

Tables and Knees and Folks Down the Road

Years ago in a fit of yard sale passion I sold my precious round claw foot pedestal table. As I embarked on feeding a teenage step-son {and sometimes his friends…} I thought a more substantial square trestle style table {from my now defunct craft room} would be a better fit for our new family. So off it went. But despiteContinue reading “Tables and Knees and Folks Down the Road”

The Lost Art of Sunday Dinner

It’s Sunday morning circa 1987 and I can see my Grandma Rue, standing at the stove in a flowered smock dolloping hush puppy batter into hot oil. Other simmering pots hold collards and a picnic shoulder, green beans, butter beans and potatoes. On some visits, mom goes with Granddaddy to church. Growing up in tobacco territory, myContinue reading “The Lost Art of Sunday Dinner”

A Recipe We All Can Follow

I still remember the mugginess of the house during simmering summer months, the small electric organ in the living room I desperately desired to play, the cool checkered linoleum basement floor hosting heavy red velvet upholstered furniture and bookshelves full of Nancy Drew mysteries. But our favorite place as kids was the kitchen. There were renegade pots with missing lids, plastic bowlsContinue reading “A Recipe We All Can Follow”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Grace

I know it’s Thanksgiving, but I’ll only keep you for a minute… Did your turkey turn out? Were the sweet potatoes good? Are you going Black Friday shopping, like actually on FRIDAY??? Sorry, back to the business at hand… For my Birthday this year the boy gifted me with this shirt… I know it’s hard toContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Grace”