Tables and Knees and Folks Down the Road

Years ago in a fit of yard sale passion I sold my precious round claw foot pedestal table.

As I embarked on feeding a teenage step-son {and sometimes his friends…} I thought a more substantial square trestle style table {from my now defunct craft room} would be a better fit for our new family.

So off it went.

But despite my best interior design intentions, my beloved menfolk wanted nothing to do with pulling up a chair.

They preferred to take their meals from the comfort of the couch. It felt almost sacrilegious to the girl who grew up seated around a vinyl clothed tabletop every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But the bible says that Jesus and his disciples reclined as they ate so I suppose we’re ok…

Lately I’ve been hungrily perusing Pinterest boards and antique malls because maybe a cute 40’s style enamel topped farm table would entice them? Or perhaps a chrome 50’s diner set?

There’s a cute bar height table with comfy high backed seats at my best friend’s house that I admire.

And I wonder if this style of table would draw my people back over from the dark side of living room lap feasting?…

For the rest of the story you’re invited (YES, YOU ARE!!) to head over to Sue’s blog for her Every Table Tells a Story series. I’m pulling up a chair to her table today and sharing in a guest post. Click here and I’ll see you over there for the rest of the story! ♥

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10 thoughts on “Tables and Knees and Folks Down the Road

    1. Thanks girl!! And thanks for your sweet comment over on Sue’s page too- I tried to explain the mystique of that chocolate cake back over there! LOL! ♥♥


  1. Loved this Heather. Oh what a relief. I have the same problem with my menfolk and the table with multiple things going on isn’t always appealing . We settle for all being together to eat dinner and it can be so nice to put your feet up and just relax – conversations still happen, hearts are still shared, food is shovelled in. Loved the examples you used that showed its about the being together not the location. Too good 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey you! I’m finding more and more folks in the same ‘reclining’ dinner position! Good to know we are not alone! LOL! Thanks for your sweet comment! ♥


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