The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet

I stood in the middle of the candy aisle contemplating the merits of a duo of delicate dark chocolate almond butter cups. The alternative: my go-to plain dark chocolate bars. In a 10-pack. The plan was to sweeten my sour mood with chocolate. But given my stranded status, quantity won over quality. I wheeled theContinue reading “The Art of Turning Sour into Sweet”

The Answer for When You Want to Run Away

When was the last time you wanted to run away? Last year? Saturday? Just a few minutes ago when you shut yourself in the bathroom to see what the internet held for you and found yourself reading this post? Yep I get it. Pete: Where’s Cora, Cousin Wash? Washington Hogwallop: [chewing and choosing words carefully as hisContinue reading “The Answer for When You Want to Run Away”

The Lost Art of Sunday Dinner

It’s Sunday morning circa 1987 and I can see my Grandma Rue, standing at the stove in a flowered smock dolloping hush puppy batter into hot oil. Other simmering pots hold collards and a picnic shoulder, green beans, butter beans and potatoes. On some visits, mom goes with Granddaddy to church. Growing up in tobacco territory, myContinue reading “The Lost Art of Sunday Dinner”

When Your Will Isn’t My Way

{You’re about to read part two – a follow up from my post last week. If you haven’t read part one- you can find it here and I’ll be ready and waiting with the rest of the story when you get back….} Three to four hundred… Thousand… Dollars. That’s the price range the nice lady realtor relayed in herContinue reading “When Your Will Isn’t My Way”

How to Own the Business of Being You

Planted just near the end of my evening stroll with a wide board walk stoop and tin roof stands an old nameless building. In a former life it may have served as a gas station given it’s wide bay door off to the side but driving by now, one would hardly find it a refreshing oasis onContinue reading “How to Own the Business of Being You”