How to Own the Business of Being You

Planted just near the end of my evening stroll with a wide board walk stoop and tin roof stands an old nameless building. In a former life it may have served as a gas station given it’s wide bay door off to the side but driving by now, one would hardly find it a refreshing oasis on the long abandoned country byway between Richmond and all points west.

java jodis

It’s humble white clad walls are overshadowed by the car lot next door where shiny vans and trucks draw everyone’s attention as they vie for new owners. But broken down things call to me – one look at my choice in chippy-painted, well loved decor and the piles of things stashed in my home waiting to be re-purposed and you’ll understand or perhaps sympathize – so I slowed down one night to study the structure up close and was surprised to find a sky-blue bead board porch ceiling above the columns.

And a for sale sign nestled in the overgrown bushes out front.

I remembered a few years back the station enjoyed a revival of sorts and fueled folks in a different way- as a coffee shop- but before I came around to making that aromatic brew part of my morning habit and found the courage to visit, it was gone.

Signs down, doors locked and gravel lot abandoned.

Some nights as I walk, I wonder what it would be like to re-open a business at that same site? I’d paint the wood siding turquoise and find something old and novel to display outside so you couldn’t miss it– like the life-sized dinosaur statue (!?) or old green farm truck I saw in my travels last week…

green farm truck

People would flock from miles and miles for coffee of course, but also a cafe and co-working space.

Think Mayberry meets Maidens, VA…

A good old front porch gathering place.

Maybe even music on the weekends and revival through re-imagined furniture and trinkets because being reworked, reclaimed and recreated is something everyone is hungering for in some way.

The rumble of a truck thundering by jolts me back to my humid reality and the fact that I know nothing of birthing babies or brick and mortar businesses (sometimes just as painful??) let alone there’s the matter of all the not so pretty parts like paying taxes and procuring permits among other things…

It seems my idealistic tendencies have been smitten with too many quaint books and Hallmark movies romanticizing the world of small businesses lately, but this theme of wanting to own something has always been around.

Over the years I’ve tried on half a dozen dreams for size and dabbled in as many directions looking for that perfect profession I could call my own.

I’m betting you’ve had just as many incarnations {and I’d love to hear them!}.

There are notes abounding in my planner, my purse and a plethora of notebooks with dog-eared pages. Scraps of ideas, too many to count. Visions that wake me up in the morning and invite me to become someone and carve out my own slice of the good life and stake my claim in the world.

Except craving the sweetness of recognition and trying to be someone else – on or offline- dulls our senses to who we already are. 

And when I feel that I’m failing to do all that I want to do and that it’s better to board it all up and scrap what’s left… I take a moment and pray. I invite God into the mess I’ve made and pause.

Because before I jump headlong into the next new career, idea, relationship or role I need to heed God’s word to rest and listen and mind my own business first.

And in His gracious way, He reveals some things.

Life is not salvage to be saved out of the world, but an investment to be used in the world.” ~ Streams in the Desert

Nothing in our pasts is wasted and all of our present interests are clues.

God made YOU and me – unique- with a certain set of gifts and callings. Owning who we are and being comfortable with ourselves as He has made us is where we start to hone our skills and build our real livelihood.

Say no to doubt. Yes to God. Make every effort to respond to His promises of a hope and future.

Savor where you are. Take stock. Let go to move forward if that’s where God’s pointing.

It’s a hard lesson, and sometimes it takes a trip or two around the same block to really take to heart, circumstances do not cause contentment.

We must first own up, confessing our short comings, mistakes, strengths and attitudes that hinder and instead take the hand of the only one who can truly help us.

the sun does not rise to us

What is He revealing to you?

The only way to “own” anything is to give it all to God.

Can we choose to hand over all our business to Him?

He’s excellent at re-purposing our purpose and He has more in store for us than we think…

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~Mark Twain

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how to own the business of being you

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22 thoughts on “How to Own the Business of Being You

  1. Heather,
    I can just see you making something lovely out of a building like that! A coffee shop with vintage gifts to sell your creations — what a fantastic idea!! I’m praying for guidance for you as one of these ideas maybe takes root in your heart and you move forward with a business plan and a folder full of possibilities! Bringing them to God first, of course, and testing them through prayer is the right course you’re on, but sometimes taking that first step (as you already have with your vintage shows) is where he leads and reveals the next step. Praying for you, friend! Love the photos! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey you ♥ I’m always encouraged by your sweet words… thank you for your confidence in me even when I’m running low…! And most of all thank you for always reminding us that God is in the midst of everything ♥ xoxo


  2. “You Raise Me Up” to quote a song title. Love the end phrases of encouragement. Great reading while Baby Charlotte naps in my lap. LOVE You.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re sharing wisdom here Heather. Thanks for dropping by Harvest Lane Cottage and saying hi. My husband has had more businesses than I want to count. We’re still paying for the last one—a cafe—and will be for awhile.
    Have a wonderful week,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Hi Laura! I’m sorry to hear the cafe didn’t pan out. But I know God honors our efforts and I’m inspired by your resourcefulness on your blog! Blessings on you and thanks for stopping by!


  4. I so enjoyed reading your post…and that building! I have visions of the cafe from Fried Green Tomatoes along with a glass counter filled with jars of honey from a local bee keeper. Maybe a few pretties to purchase as well. It would be terrific and I do believe that people would come from far and near! I have a son who works in VA…maybe your great little chippy store will be close enough to visit! I love to read blogs from my sisters in Christ!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome Lynda! Yes that movie is so sweet!! I love all those ideas! How did you know what I was thinking?!
      : ) But I still may have to let the store dream incubate a little longer! haha! I’d love to know what part of VA your son lives in? Thanks so much for stopping by! Your blog was a blessing for me too! And your pup- precious beyond words! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to connect with you again soon! ♥


  5. Oh this is gravy, Heather! I needed it too. I have a problem with diving headlong LOL. I am uber passionate so I thrust my whole self into things, but I am getting better at slowing down to hear God first. For now, I am enjoying painting old things in my garage while I ponder deep things and prepare to home school another year. If I lived close to you it would be tempting to ask God if it was in His plan for me to work for you though! I miss my little donut shop side job, and I have weakness for little cafe’s. Praying God leads you in every area of life, friend. I love the title of this post so much!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Meg! Yes I think we share the same weaknesses!! Cute cafes and chippy paint… Sigh….! And you’re the second person to offer to work for me in my pretend store… LOL! Maybe I’m onto something! Here’s to taking things slow and letting God lead us! Blessings on a new home school year and painting all.the.things! ♥


  6. There’s some rich wisdom here, Heather. One of my biggest deterrents to knowing and living my calling is comparison with others. In this day and age, it’s never been easier to compare ourselves, and doing so is often not helpful. It can breed doubt, discontentment, shame, guilt, bitterness, dissension, and a host of other rotten fruit. Thank you for sharing this godly encouragement with us at Grace & Truth!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right Jennifer- comparison has hijacked me more than once. I’m so happy to have found this link up! I can always use a good dose of grace with some truth ♥ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!


  7. I just had to spend a little time here beyond your post, and I just love the concept of “arranging and brainstorming beauty.” What a wonderful way to approach life on all levels. And your post has ministered deeply to me today, in those hidden places of need and yearning. Trusting that we can be who we are and know God will accomplish His plan in us is a blessed place to rest. I am so glad you joined the Fresh Market Friday community and looking forward to more! Blessings, Crystal~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Crystal your kind words have melted my heart this morning… ♥ Thank you for giving us a place to link up and minister to each other- I’ve been so blessed to find your virtual home and friends speaking more truth into my heart. Life is better when done together with other sisters in Christ! Thank you and God bless!


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