Five Things to Inspire You this Weekend…

wm 7_22 sunset

Everyone can now let out a collective exhale… whew! We made it to Friday and isn’t it lovely! So many possibilities for the weekend and the week ahead. Our plans include a whole lot of nothing other than leading worship Sunday morning at church.

And possibly BLT’s…. because when your husband keeps bringing home tomatoes as big as grapefruits how can one resist..!


I missed last week’s Friday Five, but I’m fully prepared to knock your socks off with this week’s list! So here are five things that lifted my eyes and my spirit this past week. I hope you come away as inspired as I am.

Messy or put together, it doesn’t matter as long as we’re available… the bonus on this post is the teal couch in the header… but don’t for a second think this gal is only about pretty sofas…

A call to turn our “What-If’s” into “Whatever’s”… If there’s one thing I’ve leaned into this week it’s this: Living in the present–> fully present in the presence of God is so much better than being distracted by all the What-if’s of the future….

Is believing really seeing or is seeing believing… I know I know it’s Friday and maybe you don’t want to get too heavy or serious, but this is worth the read

The Greatness of Our God… “Give me EYES to see more of who you are, May what I behold still my anxious heart…” I heard this song again last week and immediately pulled it out of the archives to sing again this weekend. So much truth…

♥ And finally for a little fun, I found this house and this house while searching for places to stay in Tennessee this fall… I’m smitten… head over heels just filled with joy when I look at these cottages for some reason…. not that I could afford either one for more than one night but I’m definitely contemplating incorporating some of their whimsical ideas in my own home.

Sometimes the arrows might be faint but they’re there…

wm arrow

What inspired you this week?

8 thoughts on “Five Things to Inspire You this Weekend…

  1. Oh that chandelier in the Tennessee cottage is gorgeous! I can see why you’re smitten with those places to stay! But — your tomatoes!! Oh I crave a good tomato and that sandwich has me dreaming of making BLTs — or at least ordering one from a restaurant! There’s a new one in our neighborhood called Toasted and I think a visit there this weekend is in order! And oh — I love your weekend plans of a whole lot of nothing — that sounds amazing to me – I think I’ll join you — in spirit, at least! 🙂 xoxo


    1. I wish i could send you this other one! BLT sandwiches are my new favorite obsession! We are growing them sadly but a nice gentleman at Carl’s work keeps sharing them with us. That restaurant sounds awesome! And i’ll be enjoying your company in spirit as i contemplate taking a nap right now…zzzz 🙂 Have a great weekend Valerie!!


    1. You are so welcome Caroline! Thank YOU for inspiring me with your post! 🙂 And i wish i could make BLTs for all you lovely ladies!! Have an awesome weekend!


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