Peace and Power

It’s quiet here early this morning. Peaceful. There are two lamps burning, a hot cup of coffee, the first Thin Man movie, me and my bible. This is a welcome change from the quiet we experienced Thursday night… where there were no lights at all, the house was the only hot thing, our entertainment was the cat snoring and the prayers were of a different sort…

One little storm cell and one sickly tree…

…I’m very partial to the black and silver wires lying on the ground… they usually enable me to take hot showers and run air conditioning… the cable internet wire was under there somewhere too…

If that tree had been 3 feet shorter, the only thing we would have been worrying about that night would be whose chain saw to borrow. Mercifully it didn’t end worse… I’ve been on the receiving end of a fallen tree… and shattered chimney…and decimated gutters at this house before… so it was nice not to have structural damage this time.  After our power was put back up and rewired on Friday (thank you Dad, Uncle and VA Power…!) we did unfortunately find a few casualties the dishwasher, the microwave, my clock radio and the cat’s water fountain… (they like running water… and I’m happy to oblige because it keeps my vet bill down…)

…nope not a good look for the meter base…

Apparently some appliances aren’t made to handle the power surge that comes when the wire is stretched to far and the neutral snaps… even though the power didn’t technically go out until we cut the main breaker for safety, we found things were definitely out of balance when turning the light on in one room caused every other room’s lights to glow brighter and them dimmer..! We were ready to camp and make the best of it alternating running the fridge and the AC with the generator until a restart of the generator failed… as in the cord pulled out and stayed out. Defeat wasn’t welcome on our agenda but there was nothing else we could do so the boy and I evacuated to higher ground with what food was worth saving (Thanks Mom!) and my sweet husband stayed behind to sweat, stand guard and wait for the power people.

So plans don’t always go the way I expect… I should be really familiar with this concept by now! And the lesson was hammered home even more that just like those power wires won’t stretch without breaking, we can’t overextend ourselves for so long and not expect some sort of repercussions…hence my self-imposed time outs lately…! We aren’t made to hurry and rush and do all the right things for maybe all the wrong reasons. I think we were created to seek peace at all times – though some times are definitely harder than others!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Phillipians 4:6-7

So after spending yesterday cleaning up the house (and washing by hand what seemed like enough dishes to fill three sinks…) we’re resting this Sunday. A sweet friend offered a microwave, clocks are a dime a dozen at Goodwill and I’m debating the merits of a new or repaired dishwasher versus the more cost-effective option of extra cabinet space in its abscence… Sometimes there’s something attractive about keeping a simpler life…a Mayberry kind of way…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

13 thoughts on “Peace and Power

  1. Oh wow. Heather, I am so happy for you. You look at all as a glass 1/2 full. I wish I’d known…I would hv been there. We had a huge limb (more like a tree) that was blown a foot INTO the ground at the base of the house below the dini g room. Mom thought we were losing all the windows…..God watched over her….we’ve merely been cleaning up…only lost power for a bit. God bless…love you so much


  2. Sorry for the power outage. Glad you all are okay. Wish we could have done more Thursday night. You are awesome girl. So discerning of what God has in his plans. He does help us slow down and focus on the important things. Sometimes I need a 2×4, but devotions bring you back to the basics. Love you girl.


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