The Birds of Thanksgiving…

“Be gone, ye dark forebodings, ye ravens of the soul! Come in, ye humble hopes and grateful memories, ye doves of the heart! He who pardoned us long ago as a judge will again forgive us as a father, and we shall rejoice in His sweet, unchanging love.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon, Faith’s Checkbook.


I’ve been reading and re-reading this quote all morning… the imagery in it really speaks to me…”ye doves of the heart” as grateful memories and humble hopes… what a vivid picture…

And while we’re on the subject of birds, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner… the day after tomorrow…will the turkey thaw? Will I remember to buy cranberry sauce for the one member of the family who likes it? {Hi mom!} Will it snow tomorrow? (…thankfully the snowflake disappeared from my phone’s weather forecast but one never can tell with VA weather…)

I’ve been weathered here myself this past week. Seasoned and spun and cut and dried in my soul… in this busy life where I try to cram too much business and fun and rest into one lumpy package. Thankfully there has been grace and mercy. Peace and power. When the adrenaline wears off and I’m running on empty, there is still hope.

So I wrap myself in praise and thanksgiving and shoo the ravens away… doves are much prettier by far anyway.

Tomorrow is for turkey! (for my side of the family… the other side waits for Thursday…because it’s truly impossible to eat two Thanksgiving meals in one day and live to tell about it…at least for this gal…)

Today and everyday is for thankfulness. Grateful memories and humble hopes…

Life. Health. Breath. Joy. Parents. Husband. Son.

Jobs. Work. Movement. Weather. Food. Shelter. Mind. Reading. Art. Creativity. Sleep. God still speaks. Supportive husband. Friendship with other women. Favor at the show. Music. God’s leading. Faith “full” friends. Surgery blessings. Prospects.

Talking and Laughter. Waking. Family. A husband who cleans. Love. Friends who inspire. Sewing mercies. Show opportunities. Safety. Babies. Jeans. Coffee. God is with us. The living word of God. Business blessings. Traveling mercies.

Beauty. Strength. Choir. People. Ideas. Saving grave. Love of a Father. Memories. Choices. A free country. Brokenness. Motivation. Prayer. Intimacy. Breathing room. Rest. Direction. Forgiveness. Weekends. Workouts. Warm home and husband.

Blog friends. Pretty nails. Singing. Highs and lows. Dependence on the Lord. Home. Jesus is alive. We are not alone. God will make a way. Provision. Fun. Talent. Sun and Rain. Church. Passion. Duty. Water. Ruffles. Fabric. Work of our hands. Vehicle mercies. Light. Peace. Peanut butter cookies.

I could go on… I have a book full… but I’ll turn it over to you…

What are your “doves of the heart” today?


3 thoughts on “The Birds of Thanksgiving…

  1. I have many doves of the heart. In fact so many it would bore you. I have to say in my knowing and talking to you some makes you one. Your a sweet girl, full of life and love for God. Happy Thanksgiving Heather and your family. May you all enjoy. I was happy to see the Spurgeon quote since I’m the Spurgeon guy. Lol. Enjoy, Heather!!!!😀


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