Something to Help You Catch Your Breath

Stop. Right now where you are and take a deep breath. Deeper. Hold it. Ok now exhale  sloooowly… There isn’t that better? Whew… I think sometimes I forget to breathe. {You too?} It’s not that my body doesn’t do it on autopilot, which is quite astonishing and I’m grateful for, but it’s more like I realize after aContinue reading “Something to Help You Catch Your Breath”

On Schedules, Stories and Stones

Scheduling has always been my downfall. Every year I stand in the planner aisle of the office supply store and flip through cute flowered blank books of time waiting to be appointed. There’s something exciting and alluring in the colors and fresh pages showing monthly, weekly and hourly lined clean slates ready for events and goals to be penciled in. ArmedContinue reading “On Schedules, Stories and Stones”

Walking Towards Something Better

The weather in Virginia is at times squirrel-y. I don’t know in what other state you can experience freezing temperatures, tornadoes, snow and eighty degree highs in just the span of 2 weeks. Right now in honor of March we have skipped straight ahead to summer because that’s just how Virginia rolls and I’ve taken advantage ofContinue reading “Walking Towards Something Better”

For When You Don’t Know

My great grandparents lived just four doors down from us in a two story farmhouse cobbled together over the years. Guinea hens ran unopposed in the yard, at least until us kids made it our mission to try and commandeer one and the warmth of the wood cook stove in the kitchen mingled with the oil heaterContinue reading “For When You Don’t Know”

Rejection and a Rock-n-Roll Christmas

Let’s play a game shall we? Notice anything lacking in the picture below? (other than lack of focus?? I could blame the camera but it’s most likely user error…) If you said not one gift is wrapped or nestled under the tree, well you’d be exactly right. That’s how we roll… and by that IContinue reading “Rejection and a Rock-n-Roll Christmas”