Something to Help You Catch Your Breath


Right now where you are and take a deep breath. Deeper.

Hold it.

Ok now exhale  sloooowly… There isn’t that better?

Whew… I think sometimes I forget to breathe. {You too?} It’s not that my body doesn’t do it on autopilot, which is quite astonishing and I’m grateful for, but it’s more like I realize after a few days and weeks of running at full speed- visiting, practicing, worshiping, planning, studying, baking, preparing, cleaning, organizing and the list goes on- I’m left feeling a little out of shape and a lot out of breath.

And for all of the uplifting things I participated in, there’s a mountain of things staring me down that I didn’t accomplish. Proof that I can’t do it all.

Which tempts me to fly into fits of feeling not good enough — except I’m finding it’s not so much am I enough but rather am I close enough to God?

Chances are if I have to run ’til I’m out of breath to catch up to Him, I’m probably not.

But oh, how we struggle with rushing around lungs half filled and thinking we have to keep surging ahead when we’re already stretched, running behind and on empty.

So at onset of a moment when my mind wants to race past my peace, when that muscle in my leg starts to tie in knots, when all the godly lessons I’ve been practicing fall flat, when flesh fights the spirit and troubles from focusing on the future threaten to undermine my joy in the now…

I am learning to stop. Slow down. Stand off to the side. Steal away. Take stock. Take a beat (or two), close my eyes and breathe, focusing on God’s face.

Not on my problems, not on my to-dos and not on my un-dones.

We desperately need a break.

We desperately need Jesus.


This deep breathing is one thing I can control.

Drawing in life giving breath and exhaling all the harmful stuff de-clutters my brain and quiets my mind. watermarked board

It gives me a chance to let the petty grievances, like dust, settle and allows the priorities rise to the surface.

It clears my vision and restores my focus.


Spring always sets me buzzing on this same theme in my home.

When winter subsides and all the stuff that felt cozy in that season is now too much to bear, I know it’s time to take a step back.

Take down everything unnecessary, wash the walls, fling open the windows and let my rooms “breathe” by banishing all the competing (and even the sometimes complementary) adornments.

Sometimes we need to catch our breath to catch His vision.


So go ahead and try it- I give you permission.

I’ll be here when you get back. And I’ll have something for you to help you re-focus and refresh.

A kind of virtual care package if you will…


The highlight of my time away at school was the trip to the mail room. I relished the cards and sometimes boxes (!) that came addressed in my name. Actually I still love a good piece of happy mail because it always seems to arrive exactly at the right moment when the day has been long in worry and short in encouragement.

Kindly written cards, timely trinkets, dear pictures and sometimes delicious cookies are a perfect way to bolster a weary heart.

To think not only on those lovely things but on the sweet soul behind the thinking, gifting, packing and mailing made those lonely days bearable, invited me to slow down in my valiant pursuits and helped me remember the story instead of staying shackled to the schedule.

And God gives us all those blessings Himself– plus more if we’ll open our hearts to receive it.


So today, I want to play post mistress and deliver a care package just for you from Him…

♥ A little music to pour in and lift up your soul…

♥ Some timely reminders when you’re too antsy to stand still…

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. ~Psalm 62:5

My purpose in writing is to encourage you and assure you that what you are experiencing is truly part of God’s grace for you. Stand firm in this grace. ~1 Peter 5:12b

Therefore, I will always remind you about these things—even though you already know them and are standing firm in the truth you have been taught. ~2 Peter 1:12

♥ Something to print and keep your eyes on…

anchor dusty teal

♥ And a trinket… {This necklace can be yours! Just leave your email in the comments below and not only will I draw a random winner on Easter Sunday 3/27 but I’ll box it up and mail it straight to your door ♥)

Happy Spring my friends. xo


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19 thoughts on “Something to Help You Catch Your Breath

    1. Hi Lyli! I’m so glad this was encouraging to you! Choosing rest is hard but absolutely necessary- high five for making it your priority this year! Thanks for being here ♥


  1. Heather,
    What a little gift this post is — a song, a necklace, a printable AND a tray of cookies! Well aren’t you the hostess with the mostest?! 🙂 This verse: Let all that I am wait quietly for him — that is speaking to me this week. Not that I’m all that successful at being quiet (LOL) but when I quiet my soul of all that I think isn’t enough or where I want it to be, then I can hear what God wants to say. Love that! Happy Easter, friend! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m glad you could partake : ) Yep that verse got me last week as well… had me looking it up in all different translations…quiet waiting, hope and rest seemed to be the reoccurring themes. And I’m no good at waiting quietly either… but God loves us anyway and waits on us so patiently. Whew! Love to you my friend and Happiest of Easters to YOU! ♥


  2. Can I enter twice? your greedy friend, Sue
    PS thanks for forcing me to take deep breaths this morning over in sunny CA – still a chill in the wind but sunny. I so get what you wrote about, but of course was too busy to even contemplate my busyness, much less write so eloquently about it. what school did you go to? I would like to send you a care package but need a real address sent to my email. (:
    I have a quiet day ahead of me tho the LIST IS LONG. I’ll submit the LIST to God right now and see what He comes up with.
    PPS Had all sorts of computer issues yesterday but breathed deep, ask God to enter in and guide, panicked only slightly, had a two hour mtg w/ a young chick who understands these things, paid her 40.00 and am up and running again today. Oh, and I gave her leftover speghetti sauce plus the check — the young need to eat, too. love to you.
    PPSS, if God brings me to mind, please pray about my SheSpeaks endeavor : roommate? hotel? publisher appt? workshops? new friends?
    PPPSSS happy easter! slow down, now. you didn’t even put sewing on your list. doesn’t sewing feed your soul (not mine, mind you.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL SUE!!! You are welcome for the breather! Sometimes we need a clunk on the head don’t we? As far as schooling, I did one year at VA Tech and dropped back to secure a technical drafting degree at a community college near home. Been working on submitting my own list to the almighty– SheSpeaks was on it, so I’ll add your name to it immediately! ♥ Computer issues are kryptonite to me… can’t deal- this is why we have teens/young adult techy people I suppose! Happy Easter to you friend! Thanks for always stopping by! xx


  3. You are right! Our posts are similar themed!

    I love your blog design, branding and colors! It’s so relaxing and soft! And your graphics are dynamite too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! I love it when God obviously puts things together for us where we complement not only each other but glorify Him. I’m so glad your visit here was relaxing! I loved your layout too by the way! ♥


  4. Ahh Heather —– I really needed that deep breath today. I have been on the fly all day and i have had to come and hide in my bedroom so i could read this post in peace and quiet. For me a deep breath and a few quiet moments can be the difference between sane and totally not coping at all. Love how you put it especially “this deep breathing is one thing I can control”. Amen !! Signed up for your newsletter cause I know it will be full of good stuff and you’ve reminded me to write to my dear 87 yr old mum who loves to get something in the post. God bless x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Thanks for your sweet comment! Hope your day ended on a peaceful note! ♥ Thanks for signing up and I’m so glad you were inspired to send your own care package to you lovely mom! ♥ How sweet!! Blessings to you girl!


  5. Gee willaggers!! (is that how you spell it??) This post is amazing! You had me at the taking-a-deep beginning and I love how the words were rolling off the tongue (I am not the only one who reads aloud in her head right?-As if I were narrating!) The reminder, the scripture, the art – it’s all good what you served up here. I am coming back for seconds…. and here is my email: – God bless you and have a great day, Heather!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Sure looks right to me! xo So glad you were blessed and hungry for more! Sometimes I feel like it’s only a meager offering… Thanks for always leaving such encouraging comments Meg ♥ Blessings on you girl!


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