Five Things to Fill Your Friday With Hope

Since removing myself from the self-imposed hamster wheel of life a couple of weeks ago, I’ve finally found some peace and calm and get this: time! Who knew there was time to actually do things like play with a camera and take random pictures of glass jars…! I have to say though in experimenting with all the pre-programmed settings on my camera as well as the manual button every picture turned out just like this. Maybe I need a new camera?? Or just a better informed user…! All I really know is the more light the better…

In fact I’m sitting on my porch swing right now enjoying the sun and the first low humidity non-frizz inducing day all week as I type this little hello to you. This is both shocking and scandalous for a girl who has to be moving all the time it seems.

Things are finally calming down with the sciatica. I credit Pilates and Ensure drinks… though I’m no doctor and my doctor couldn’t offer any reason why those things have helped, I’m pretty sure less stress, more vitamins and above all Jesus had the most positive effects.

But it’s all a work in progress and there are still some closed doors and unanswered prayers and frustrating situations. Some days it’s like one big game of whack-a-mole… you get one thing under control only to have some other pesky situation rear it’s head.

So if you’re looking for the bright side like I am, here are five things to read right now even if you’re feeling a little fuzzy on this Friday!

♥ To piggyback on the friendship post from earlier in the week this post seemed to touch on the exact thing that makes a good friend and it’s really easy…

♥ If you’re spinning in circles or feeling deaf to God’s voice read this

♥ Upon reading that I remembered this song from way back in the days…

♥ And if we have ended up somewhere we never planned well this post had so much hope in it — did you  know life can be one big re-purposing act? Y’all know that’s close to my heart.

Lying on Instagram? Spending more time applying filters on our pictures rather than filtering our words? A short read but the effects will stick with you long-term.

A little P.S…. I’m working out the details but I’d love to hear if anyone would be interested in buying packs of printed notecards with this graphic on the front? Blank on the inside to use for sending your own encouraging thoughts to someone as only you can…

anchor dusty teal

Sound off in the comments below? And also what are you hoping for this weekend?


Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Five Things to Fill Your Friday With Hope

    1. I’m up and running! No worries! Glad to hear you’re back safe. Enjoyed so much following along on FB! Can’t wait to hear more on your blog about what God had in store for you across the pond! : )


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