Something to Help You Catch Your Breath

Stop. Right now where you are and take a deep breath. Deeper. Hold it. Ok now exhale  sloooowly… There isn’t that better? Whew… I think sometimes I forget to breathe. {You too?} It’s not that my body doesn’t do it on autopilot, which is quite astonishing and I’m grateful for, but it’s more like I realize after aContinue reading “Something to Help You Catch Your Breath”

How to Find the Light

I am a lover of light. In my list of things a house must possess, light is at the top. Natural light is best, but at the very least I want each room to have a fixture in the ceiling. So it’s probably a little shocking to hear….that I’m still looking at capped off wires hangingContinue reading “How to Find the Light”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Hopes and Dreams

{ For the full praise rundown, click here…} Do you ever have those dreams where you’re wandering around in your pajamas? (oh, wait that was me in my story from yesterday..) Or worse yet, in your dreams, you’re sporting your underclothes or {gasp!} nothing at all in front of a crowd?! I’ve read that theseContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Hopes and Dreams”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Keys

{For more praise posts click here…} It’s a lonesome feeling wanting to be on the inside but only being able to stare forlornly through the auto glass at the keys on your car seat….. or through the back door at your purse on the table which contains, you guessed it, your keys. You’ve been there right?Continue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Keys”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Sun

{For all the praise you may have missed, click here…} And then came the sun… Gilding the top of the trees… just in the nick of time. But even more perfect was the rising of “the Son”, Jesus Christ. And for both of those, I’m eternally grateful today especially after the rain. For God says, “At justContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Sun”