How to Find the Light

arise shine

I am a lover of light. In my list of things a house must possess, light is at the top. Natural light is best, but at the very least I want each room to have a fixture in the ceiling.

So it’s probably a little shocking to hear….that I’m still looking at capped off wires hanging out of the ceiling in my living room…. since Father’s Day weekend earlier this year….[insert shameful sigh here…]

It really was supposed to be a quick project and in my mind it went something like this…

Step one: take down broken ceiling fan and light.

Step two: Remove newer ceiling fan and light from bedroom and re-install in the living room.

Step three: Find or make cute chandelier type lighting to hang in bedroom.

The end.

Instead it was a little {ok, a lot} closer to this…

Step one: Remove fan/light combo from living room.

Step two: Scratch head over how to remove similar fixture from bedroom ceiling… pull and prod and loose balance while standing on the bed…notice how the wind has picked up outside and it sure seems to be getting darker quickly.

Step three: Press pause on the whole plan because a freak thunderstorm blew through and took out the power.

Step four: Sigh and swelter in summer heat, abandon project, resort to cooler quarters at my parent’s house for the night, annnnd six months later field questions from dad during a visit about what’s happening with the living room ceiling

Somehow life just kept carrying on and we never got around to re-examining the situation or securing a suitable replacement light sans fan. Or, more truthfully I may have fallen ill with procrastination brought about by decision paralysis… please tell me I’m not the only one who suffers with this?

After scrapping the first plan and faced with choosing something for the most used roomof the house my brain just couldn’t hang. Modern or farm house chic? Vintage or new? One bulb or three? Silver or bronze? And oh my gosh what if I choose the wrong one?

In light of there being only 18 days left to decorate for Christmas (!!) I have half a mind to just tack up Christmas lights around the room and be done with all the thinking and mulling and choosing.

So I decide maybe I don’t need light that bad…

Except that I do. Every situation needs a little light shed on it now and then.

I’m reminded of how the world was dark {and largely still is…} when God sent his son as THE light. Emmanuel, God with us. His glory revealed.

When I feel like I’m fumbling in the dark and the right reaction, path, solution, relationship or attitude is hidden, I will go to great lengths to try and uncover it. But any light I have to shed on it is still dim at best if I’m only operating in the power of my own perception and searches on Pinterest.

I’ve got to get those problems under the right light as soon as possible– not waiting to present them in some patched together perfection made by my hand but laid down deliberately with all their raw and rough edges.

For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. ~ Mark 4:22

God may have mysterious ways, that’s totally his prerogative after all. After all, who are we as “pots” to argue with the potter?

But He is not one who wishes to keep us in the dark forever. His very nature is light and when we bring the feelings, relationships, work situations and the multitude of sorrows that trouble us into his glorious presence through prayer and praise, He will always shine just enough light for us to see what we’ve missed.

Like silver coins  catching a glimmer of light as the widow lights a lamp and sweeps her floor.

Like shepherds in a field on a pitch black winter evening suddenly dazzled by a heavenly host.

Like Wise men avidly watching for that blessed beacon in the sky– the star that illuminated the way to the son.

Don’t try to handle your anxiety. Bring your anxiety into the presence of Christ.

Don’t try to fix your loneliness. Bring you loneliness into the presence of Christ.

Don’t try to hide your addiction. Bring your addiction into the presence of Christ.

Don’t try to change your attitude. Bring your attitude into the presence of Christ.

Don’t despise your humanity. Bring your humanity into the presence of Christ.

….Usher your abilities, inabilities, failures, and successes all into the presence of Christ.

~ Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday

So, while I hope for a little enlightenment on my living room lighting situation tucked under the tree this year, I’ll bask under it’s glow (hopefully by this weekend!?) and invite you to join me in fixing our focus on the reason for the season.

Look no further than the manger. Let his light wash over you, expose you, warm you and make you shine like him this Christmas.

10 thoughts on “How to Find the Light

  1. I have to admit I was hoping to see your new chandelier reveal! 🙂 I shall be patient and await your decision!!! And I love the little white Christmas tree -my grandmother made one in ceramics class by my sister commandeered it so I will enjoy looking at yours! Oh and how your words ring true — God doesn’t intend to keep us in the dark forever!! These words are meant for me and are speaking straight to me today. How funny of your account of trying to replace the light — I can’t wait to see what you choose!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes me too… Maybe I’ll have to add “to be continued…” at the end of this post! One of the ones pictured in your post could do the trick…! LOL. I love those ceramic trees too- my grandma had one too but I don’t know who got hers! I found this little white one at the Goodwill. ♥ I actually drafted my post yesterday before I read your last email… love how God weaves things together to be so personal to each of us. ♥ Here’s to the perfect light! xoxo


  2. Heather, wow, our thoughts were on similar paths and I keep seeing this theme of light over and over. God is definitely speaking! I can so relate to wanting to wait until I’ve patched up my mess before bringing it to God. How much better off I’d be if I went to him right away! Thanks for sharing this. Such a lovely reminder.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey there Abby! I know it’s so funny how God uses all our messages to work together for His (and our!) good some days ♥ Thanks for popping over for a read and for leaving your sweet comment! I’m intrigued by your 31 days series about getting unstuck so I’ve got it saved to read later : ) Have a wonderful Wednesday! ♥


    1. Glad to give you a laugh and something good to ponder Tracey! ♥ Thanks for your reading, commenting, and encouragement as always. ♥ And I’m taking any and all suggestions about what sort of fixture I should go with in the living room at this point! LOL!


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