Winter Weakness

Right now….this…

1 degree

Right now I’m wondering what the lines under the cloud mean for Sunday??

Right now I’m wearing fuzzy socks, leggings AND jeans, 3 shirts and a hat.

Right now there are 8+” of snow blanketing my yard. Piles and piles of it everywhere I turn. A frozen tundra. Ok maybe not the arctic but it feels like it to me…

Right now I’m wondering why in the world we still don’t own a real snow shovel?!

And right now I’m contemplating another cup of coffee and a total selling off of everything I own and moving to a warmer climate- I would say Florida but I see and hear that even they are experiencing a less than warm reception for this time of year. Ok, no I’m not really contemplating moving. Maybe. Any suggestions??

I wish I could say that I loved Winter so much that it made me weak in the knees and I longed for it to be near me every hour. I wish I could say that I delighted in Winter and wished it would stick around all year. Instead I find myself weak in spirit, weak in patience and weak in tolerance for this season that really is important but seems more of a nuisance as snow hinders our travels and tight fitting thermals constrict our movements. (it may be time to go up a size?!?! Maybe I should refer myself to last week’s post…ha.) Winter slightly depresses me and leaves me grumpy if I’m being totally honest. (Not good fodder for spreading love and encouragement on here like I want to do.)

Monday as I grabbed a broom at the husband’s request so he could go out and try to stay ahead of the accumulation by keeping the cars and walk swept off I was definitely lamenting my winter disposition. While I held onto the broom and grumped, he patiently waited to get a word in edgewise and then asked sweetly was I riding anywhere on that thing or was it ok for him to take it outside? It’s a good thing I like him…

Thankfully I was able to laugh and see how absurd I was being. I just felt wimpy and powerless in the face of the weather… and no one likes feeling that way. So I’ve been praying. And in my quest to overcome my less than stellar appreciation of all God’s seasons, ahem, Winter, I came to the following conclusions:

1. A blanket of snow reflects light like crazy! And I love light… The more light the better! If the sun is out, I want to see it in my home! If it’s dark outside, I want the lights on (unless it’s bedtime then I want pitch black) Seriously when I was shopping for a house back in the day anything that didn’t have lights in the ceiling of each room fell way low on my list. I was the girl with the two 100 watt light bulbs in the ceiling fixture of my bedroom room growing up. Light it up! is my battle cry after all….

2. A blanket of snow definitely dampens the creepy crawl-y critter population– spiders, bugs, mosquitos…. our house is older and there are lots of little gaps and crevices so we’re like a bug haven during warmer months. The reprieve is nice. I guess it’s kind of like God’s way of thinning the herd.

3. A blanket of snow closes work around these parts (did I mention we are weather wimps here in VA?) and gives me the opportunity for a guilt free day off to cook bacon and read (I just started “Living Well, Spending Less” by Ruth Soukup and was nodding my head in agreement like crazy with her- have you read it? Do tell..!) and re-organize my craft/dining/office space. I stripped it bare of the knick knacks, paddy wacks and all other bric-a-brack, even ripping pictures and shelving off the walls. Things I thought had to stay put in every other incarnation of the space came tumbling down because I refused to let one mirrored shelf dictate what I could do with the space. I needed a blank canvass and it worked. It took me but IT worked! Like God was showing me last week, you don’t know what your foundation is until you get down to bare bones. The essentials. And only then can you begin to build it back up in the right ways.

flooded with light

As I tinkered all day, making piles for Goodwill, assessing what I really needed in the space in order to be creative for fun and profit I began to really relax about winter. I began to count my joys. I began to lighten up already. And when I was done stripping it down and putting it back together I had a place for everything– which never happens when I start doing my thing — which is moving all.the.things all around as the boy pointed out… but apparently it rubbed off a little on him too because in his cabin fever this week, he moved the drums and amps all around in the music room gaining a little more space and a better flow…and maybe now that I can see my table again I’ll finally make some rock and roll looking curtains for that room… velvet? fringe?! Oh the possibilities…

Want to see the big reveal? A hint: I may or may not have found a place for my map treasure…!Stay tuned…

What’s your light at the end of the tunnel about Winter?? Let’s fill up the comments with all the good things!! Hold onto hope y’all Spring is coming!


10 thoughts on “Winter Weakness

  1. Heather, have you lost your youth. Lol. I just knew that you would have made the coolest snowman in town. I haven’t made any snowmen but have had fun on my four wheeler in the snow. My grandkids enjoy me pulling them around on sleds. Because more time is spent indoors I am on my treadmill to get some exercise. Stay warm (it sounds like you are) and know that Spring is right around the corner. 🙂


  2. Heather,
    What perfect weather to make stacks for Goodwill! It does take a snow day to make you feel like you have some free time to catch up on things — like clutter. (I remember snow days from my childhood, where I pulled out puzzles to put together and it’s one of my fondest memories.)

    I think it was quite courageous of you to find good things about the snow and to pray about your perspective. And I really liked your husband’s comment about the broom! 🙂 You are right about us here in Florida having a cold blast since last night was the coldest night in a year — we hit the freezing mark — but alas, the temp for tomorrow is back to 73 and 81 on Sunday! Whew — I’m not a fan of the cold! LOVE this post, Heather!


  3. Ok for one, this post is encouraging because sometimes I need to know others feel the same way I do, even when it’s not all positive and cheery 😉 And two, I love this post… I’ve always said, if it’s going to be cold there better also be snow!! Hang in there, we all this together ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just keeping it real girl! And yes I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this never ending winter saga! We got this right?!?! : ) Thanks for your sweet comments! ♥


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