30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Fall


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It is no secret that I favor fall among all the seasons. Praise God for jeans and sweater weather I say. Summer heat is really not my jam. Winter seems too cold and lasts too long. Spring is a close second, but even that never seems to last long enough.


But fall is special. It’s an invitation to slow down from the Summer hustle. To sit by the fire and cozy up with a blanket and soak in all it’s beauty. But it’s also beckons me to strip down– not in how you might be thinking– but to reevaluate my priorities (again).

Last week I read that the leaves don’t change colors so much as the chlorophyll that makes them green dips so low that their true colors are revealed. Fall just shows off what they really look like. Vibrant reds and golds. Sunny oranges and yellow-greens. And then they fade and dry out, dropping off one by to blanket my lawn in brown and the branches hang empty until spring.

Sounds depressing? I thought so too.

But maybe fall and winter is not for being depressed but really for growth. Just as a seed forms under the surface of the dark earth, sprouting roots seeking the water source and establishing it’s footing, maybe we could think about fall and winter in the same way. A time to strip down and go deep. A time to bare it all in order to grow and mature and develop a deeper love for Christ.


Spring may be when the fruits appear, but fall and winter is where the real work is done.

I missed my little maple tree in all it’s glory this year. It was half turned ablaze a few weeks ago and I guess I was sleeping as I drove by it at it’s peak because the next time I remembered to check on it, it was quite forlorn. Half bare and sort of a puny orange on it’s way to brown.

Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers.But they delight in the law of the Lordmeditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do. ~Psalm 1:1-3

We don’t have to wither under the weather or circumstances.

We can joyously take stock of what we have and where we are in life in order to prepare our hearts for advent and the birth of Christ that is upcoming.

Can we drop the facades we put up? Cast off the bad attitudes? Obliterate the mountain of unnecessary stuff that we seem to have packed into all the closets and hidden crevices of our hearts? (Seriously how does it all pile up so quickly? I’m finding more and more that clutter just makes me twitchy.)


I think I’ll buck the tradition of Spring cleaning and do a little fall clearing. Take stock of what matters and what brings me joy. Say yes to God and a resounding no to everything that’s not of Him and commit to hunker down and grow in grace and kindness. For we’re never done maturing– it’s a blessing and a curse as sure as the seasons and a glorious change is available to us if we’re willing to submit.

Which season are you praising God for today? (It’s ok if it’s not fall, we can still be friends!)

P.S. If you live in the area, the Manakin Fall Festival is tomorrow, 10am-2pm… I won’t have a booth this year (..whaaat? I know right… priorities y’all…) But there will be awesome food and music and fun. Rain or Shine I’ll be there puttering around.

8 thoughts on “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Fall

  1. Well, I’m a summer girl myself but I heartily the endorse your urge to do a little fall clearing!!! Oh, if we could only keep what brings us joy and clear out the clutter of all that doesn’t originate from God — I love that! I know when I say I don’t look forward to the chilly temps and dreariness of winter, you will roll your eyes since I’m looking at palm trees and blue skies mostly (!) but there is beauty in all seasons and circumstances, if we keep our eyes on the one who creates the seasons for us! xo

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    1. No eye rolls or judgement here 🙂 We like what we like and God made us with a certain set of preferences 🙂 And I’m not totally knocking summer as long as I’m looking at a palm tree by a pool : ) ♥


  2. Well, I think fall is my favorite. I thought I really didn’t care for fall and then winter, but like you said, it is a time to reflect, communicate with God and seek his way for us all. I just finished the Bible Study – If You Want To Walk On Water, You Have To Get Out Of The Boat. Wonderful study. Great time now to reflect on my life and what it is that is keeping me in the “boat”. Usually it is fear of the unknown, but I am learning (it’s about time since I am in my 60s) to trust God and he will provide. God is all I need and spending more time in praising, asking and listening for his words of wisdom is what I need to be doing. We all need the down time of fall and winter to soak in God’s words and truly listen for his voice. May you all have a wonderful time of reflection during the next few months.

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