Light it UP!

It was dreary here last week- both in the weather and the soul.

I mistakenly thought that because I was feeling dark and mired in the dark that Christmas couldn’t come. It is to laugh. Silly girl.

Thankfully God showed me just how backwards that thinking is.

For once you were full of darness but now you have LIGHT from the LORD. So LIVE as people of the LIGHT. ~ Ephesians 5:8

On the first day He said it- Let there be light!! And it WAS and IS good.

So I took that and ran with it and lit up every conceivable surface in my house…



I stuck with the little tree again but had to abandon the ribbon idea… I found something a lil more fun I’ll share later in the week…

Stars and chalkboards are making me happy this year…


The boy said it didn’t look tacky and he actually called it classy… I’ll take it…

wm_window garland

And since I seem to have lots of leftover lights, I spread a shine over into the Dining/Craft room…And I couldn’t forget my little 50’s ceramic tree

wm_craft lights

With a little creative altering, “Peace” made a repeat appearance in a shortened state…


arise shine

wm_m&j night

So pull out all the stops- the tree, the lights, the glitter, the shine and light it up this year.


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