Tree of Life

Y’all I’m sad today…

My sweet neighbor lady passed away yesterday and my heart aches for her family. I pray for comfort for them. It’s beautiful that she had such a crowd around her when she went and I’m so thankful for her love and the comforting effect she had on me by just knowing she was next door. She was spunky and always laughing even into her 80s. But what I’ll remember most is how her eyes would just twinkle…!

I got this little tree last week at the goodwill. Roll with me here, I promise I’m not just changing the subject…It’s basically a little hollow ceramic tree with plastic “bulbs” that go in all the little holes. If you had a grandma, you’ve probably seen one…! There’s a socket with a plug that accepts a lightbulb and when you place the light in the hollow center of the tree, all the little plastic ornaments glow. My neighbor had green one like it, but what glowed more was the light from her heart. She knew her Lord and followed him well. I think that’s why her eyes always twinkled.

What’s in your heart friends? If it’s Jesus, it will definitely show. Go hug your neighbor today and remember to let your light shine.

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