It’s All In How You Frame It

Crabtree falls...circa 2009...when I could take good pictures..!
view along the hike up Crabtree falls…circa 2009…when I could take good pictures..!

It’s like magic, the gurgling of a babbling brook…

I can hear it now as I sit in my living room…oh wait that’s just the cat water fountain bubbling because I need to add water…don’t ask…go figure, cats like running water vs. stagnant…don’t we all!

I read this post over at The Nester and was especially moved by the quote at the end:

We find rest in the incompleteness of the present moment as we learn to recognize the goodness of what is and as we trust that what is needed for the future will be added at the proper time. ~ Sally Breedlove “Choosing Rest”

It points me towards true perspective. Truth perspective maybe is a better term. How I frame my situations- within God’s word or without helps me to see annoyances or all the undone things as they really are- just small things in a greater picture. I need to look for the good. Operate in God’s will for me and trust that he will provide exactly what I need at just the right time. God’s timing is not always our timing but His timing is always on time.

What are your hopes and dreams for the new year?

How will you frame them in God’s word?

Love, peace and hope to all in 2014!

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