A Banner Year

In 2013 I saw versions of these cute pennants everywhere…

….wait maybe that was just because I made a pile of them before my last craft show… but I just couldn’t resist..!

word pennants and ting triangle pennants...
tiny triangle pennants and word pennants hanging out at the craft show…

Since I had a few leftovers after the show, they made a comeback appearance in my Christmas decorations and as some gifts…!

...aww I miss it the little guy... finally packed up the tree the other day...
…aww I miss the little guy… finally packed up the tree the other day…

So as promised from last year, I have finally completed this little how to {and this is by no means specific, step by step and complete…in case you haven’t noticed I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal…!} But just in case anyone has a pile of scrap fabric {like me!} and needs a project for it here’s the nuts and bolts of it..!

Gather up the following fun things:

  • scraps of fabric
  • yarn or twine
  • a little triangle pattern (mine is 2″ horizontal and 2 1/4″ down to the point but you can customize however you desire to suit the size or shape you need)
  • sewing machine
  • pinking shears
  • iron..optional…I know some people have an aversion to these things…I’m not much of a clothes iron-er myself (probably to my husbands grief sometimes..!) but I do find it makes things much easier when sewing…!

Iron a fold in your fabric, lay the pattern on in with the short side lined up with the fold, trace a bunch of triangles and then cut with pinking shears. Lay your twine or yarn in the fold and do a little zig-zag stitch at the top right below the fold making a little pocket for the twine.

Add as many triangles as you like, spaced however you like (mine were about 6″-ish apart) and make sure to leave about 24″ on each end for tying it up. You cannot really go wrong with these- they are full proof… and fool proof too…! It’s hard to mess them up…really..!

Next up, the word banners:

...peace ♥...
…peace+♥ in reindeer land…

If you’d like to give these a try, keep your supplies out from making the mini triangle pennants above and grab a set of stencils and a plain old magic marker.

Iron a fold in your fabric, lay your pattern (mine is 5 ” x 7″ with a ‘v’ cut in the bottom about 1 1/2″ up) on the fold-with the short side lined up with the fold, trace and cut out with pinking shears. This time for sewing, you’ll lay your yarn in the fold and stitch all the way around about 3/8″ from the edges and across the top right up under the pocket for the yarn.

Then pick a word, any word… actually pick your word first, because then you know how many pieces of fabric you need to cut…! Peace, Joy, Love, Hope, Grace all are great choices. Make it meaningful to you : )

To make your letters and designs, position your stencil and then just “pounce” your marker on it to get the desired darkness- I practiced on a scrap piece of fabric first.

K.I.S.S…!….keep it simple silly…!

When trying to figure out how to put the letters on here-I seriously almost made this harder than it had to be {boy don’t we do that with a lot of things in life sometimes..!…refer to the board…!} I considered iron on transfers, fabric paint, borrowing my friends cri-cut machine and in the end it really was so simple– all you need is a marker and some stencils…!

So now you know my secrets…! If you make any make sure to send me a picture! I’d love to see your creativity at work!

Hope everyone is having a lovely year so far and happy crafting y’all..!

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