The Pinterest Problem…

...yeah that is so me...
…yeah that is so me…

So I’m new here…{probably obviously!}… Darkish pictures… no ads… no bells… a few whistles..! What gave it away..?

But I’m not one to give up easily!

Let’s take the pinterest problem for example…! (yes this is a problem in more ways than one)

#1 being the obvious thing that I have pinned more things than I will ever have time or money to do!!

#2 being that after an hour of trying to figure out how to embed a pinterest link for my homepage to the side bar widget thing-a-ma-jig of my blog to share with you fine friends…

… it was to no avail.

… all I got was sticky contact eyes from staring at the screen and reading “Help” files, which sadly did not help…But that’s ok! We soldier on, realize that maybe it doesn’t have to be that hard (as the helpful chalkboard above states..!) and eventually throw it all out and go with this:

Ha! Take that widget..!

Moral of the story… Don’t give up! And sometimes it’s better to keep it simple…!

So if you’re feeling crafty or hungry or looking for inspiration- divine or otherwise won’t you come join me at my pinterest board : )

Multiple sewing projects…. check!

Mouthwatering recipes to try….check!

Workouts, Devotions and Design ideas… oh my!

[….P.S. the Dear Santa board could be to your benefit sweet husband…! …ahem…!]

In typing this post I realized the DIY projects and Food boards are almost neck and neck and those two alone include waaaay more pins than any other board… Hmmm…!

So what have you been pinning lately?

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