Living Room Love

…So I found another use for the leftover pennants…look closely….

...the shape of things this month...
…the shape of things this month…♥

And those curtains look familiar you say? Good eye…!They lived another life here just recently…

pennant _ skirt loveWhile puttering around with the pennants, I also devised an ingenious scheme to hide the clutter on this gray bookcase with a tension rod, some safety pins and a pretty curtain panel I’d been hoarding from the Goodwill since my birthday last year (I was non-committal in this project- sooo not my usual cut once, ask questions later style- I figured I’d see how I liked the look before I hacked hemmed it all up.)

This was a quick and easy solution…just cover up the clutter… because skirts hide a multitude of sins right?

...tricks up my sleeve...
…tricks up my sleeve…

For this project I simply folded the curtain panel to the right height… laid the tension rod in the crease and safety pinned it every 5″ or so vertically under the tension rod to hold the fabric together…. stuck the rod up near the top of the shelf and fiddled with the folds until they draped prettily {… is prettily a word…hmm… spell check isn’t throwing a fit so I guess so…}

...bookcase with a skirt...♥
…bookcase with a skirt…♥

Ta-da! A super simple solution for cloaking clutter…!

How have you been prettying up your abodes lately..?

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