Rest and the Process of Progress

Right now, at this wonderful minute, my phone tells me it is 48 degrees… Hallelujah! It’s a heat wave!! Who would have thought that less than 2″ of snow would have shut down the entire school system for a week… I’m thinking it wasn’t really the white stuff’s fault, but the 9 degree temperatures that kept the snow close…too close… for waaaaay too long. Around Thursday, the boy informed me he could not live like this! He had to go back to school. Luckily this morning he got his wish…! I on the other had would have traded places with him in a snap! Hunker down for a week in the house? Yes, please! I’ll take two!

It’s been one of those weekends where I had no less than 978 things on my mind and to-do list that I wanted badly to accomplish and I will share that approximately 4 items got marked off…! Do not despise small beginnings right..? Falling on your face is still moving forward. Pick yourself up, dust off and keep forging ahead!

I’ll blame 7 degree weather since Wednesday… It tends to fool with one’s motivation. All you want to do is put on fuzzy socks, sit on the couch and drink something warm while watching old movies…(Ok so I only did this one night… I really can’t tell you what happened the other three days… I think I just wasn’t at home…!) But yesterday, glorious yesterday- Sunday- God’s day of rest (by the way I think He was definitely onto something when He made this day…!) I was finally able to do some of the more fun things on my list..!

After church, lunch and a little driving practice (for the boy, not me..!) we arrived home with a whole afternoon of non-scheduled time. Nobody had to be anywhere, go anywhere, or do anything. This is a true novelty around here. So I traded church clothes for workout clothes and got my move on for a few.  Yes I know this is “work’ to some, but it’s fun to me- necessary too…

“I just don’t think that Brooke could’ve done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” ~ quote from the movie Legally Blond

(I have always found this quote hilarious… don’t worry, I love you hunny..!)

I think rest can mean different things to different people. But I think the main idea is if something makes you more inspired, relaxed, happy or feel more at peace then it can be “rest” even if it looks strangely like running in place or shoving furniture around.

So, after sweating I was motivated to go dive into the bedroom project and after an hour of ordering it around, I’m now left with this:

bedrm progress

Black table: out. Nightstand:in. Teddy bear tea party picture: definitely out *(they were just acting as a placeholder- I only bought them for their frame…shallow? probably…!) Memorabilia from our dating days: in..! (see former teddy bear picture frame…!)

So where does this leave the other side of the room? Well, kind of like this:

bedrm progress carl dresser

(My name is Heather and I have flat-space-itis. If it is flat, I will pile something on it. It is genetic… I also have a great pile for goodwill going on to the left and I apologize for the dirty laundry bucket on the right…!)

But this is a process. The hamster wheel in my mind is turning and all those things on my dear husbands dresser will eventually find a home and the mirror will be hung properly, etc. There’s also one small black frame on the other wall waiting for the perfect picture… It’s progress. And I’m learning to be happy with that.

Oh, and if you’re dying to know where the cute black table went…


There ya go… this is the best our closet will look probably until this time next year!

Did you “rest” this weekend? Are you making progress- no matter how slow? I hope so!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Rest and the Process of Progress

  1. Well, well……looking good to me. I, unfortunately did not rest—had a lunch meeting and went to the hospital to see one of our dearest, sickest members. THANKS for the inspiration and wonderful words.


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