Day 22 :: Limited Creativity – it’s NOT what you Think…

The Fall Festival is approaching- that one I do every year… and my mind has been steadily reeling through all.the.possibilies of all.the.things I could make. The proof is in the pillow that it is a 3 ring circus up in my head you guys… So much so that I had to take a step back … More Day 22 :: Limited Creativity – it’s NOT what you Think…

State of the Union

Right now in my brain there are no less than 26.8 different things going on…all piling on one another. From business brainstorming to what’s for dinner to sewing project planning. My best girl once shared a video she stumbled upon explaining how in women’s brains all the things we think about are connected- synapses all firing … More State of the Union

Living Room Love

…So I found another use for the leftover pennants…look closely…. And those curtains look familiar you say? Good eye…!They lived another life here just recently… While puttering around with the pennants, I also devised an ingenious scheme to hide the clutter on this gray bookcase with a tension rod, some safety pins and a pretty … More Living Room Love

A Banner Year

In 2013 I saw versions of these cute pennants everywhere… ….wait maybe that was just because I made a pile of them before my last craft show… but I just couldn’t resist..! Since I had a few leftovers after the show, they made a comeback appearance in my Christmas decorations and as some gifts…! So … More A Banner Year

Christmas Wrappings

Ready or not… here it comes…! Christmas is {gasp!} less than one week away…! Deep breaths…! So usually I’m more on the not ready side… This year I have decked my halls and I am ready…but really only in that one respect…shopping…not a chance! It’s not by my own doing however… I have to give … More Christmas Wrappings