Day 22 :: Limited Creativity – it’s NOT what you Think…

The Fall Festival is approaching- that one I do every year… and my mind has been steadily reeling through all.the.possibilies of all.the.things I could make. The proof is in the pillow that it is a 3 ring circus up in my head you guys…

So much so that I had to take a step back and reevaluate. Since this is the month of being intentional I figured why not apply it to my planning for the festival? Oh I usually have a general idea and a stock-pile of lovelies to bring, but I felt this year that my tastes had changed a little from the things I was previously selling and I also realized I needed to be a little more focused.

So I started perusing Pinterest because I am a visual kind of gal… And then I sat down and wrote out my ultimate goal which is to promote the sewing side of Recollected Design and if I’m gonna have that as my focus, then I should probably only sell things that involve:

1. fabric


2. hand sewing

fall festival

…my attempt at a plan…

Seems pretty straightforward I know- the sewing chick should sell fabric related stuff right??- but to reign in my brain, this was quite the exercise.

Then I took it one step more and decided that I would only use fabric I had on hand– nothing new…

Because scrap happens y’all and I have a ton of it.

The more I think and plan and execute my scrap rescue mission, the more it occurs to me that those scraps have a deeper meaning too. They represent us. We are all a big ol mix match bag of experiences.  We are each unique. We all have a story to tell of some experience or project gone by. We’re all cut differently but all beautifully and wonderfully made in His image and ready to be re-worked into something new to bring glory to HIS name.

I like so many things (as you can probably tell from my pinterest boards…) but when faced with tons of choices and no clear goal I was simply caught up on a merry-go-round and getting nothing done. Like magic, the limits I set became my guide and all of a sudden my mind was exploding with all new ideas…even though I had just told it “no” to limitless choices…Funny how that works…

This is not a new concept- I read about limits over on this gal’s blog a while back. By limiting your scope, you’re not distracted by 10 million choices of what you could be doing or making. You’re not thinking about greener grass or making the dreaded decision.  Sometimes limits are actually freeing…

Narrowing my crafty focus fits in really well with 31 days of living intentionally because when you do something on purpose- like setting up a limit- you now have a reason for doing said thing. You now have a framework. A purpose…


…more scribbles and planning…

So I’ll use what I have because I’m being intentional about not buying anymore fabric that I will then have to wash and fold and -heaven help us -store…

I will no longer stare at the zipper bag full to the brim of fabric scraps from YEARS gone by and wish that they would hop out and become something… I will take all my crazy sketches and call a friend (hey friend, are you busy Friday?? Wanna scrap with me? Hahaa) and I WILL JUST DO IT!

Do you hoard fabric or other things like me?

Are you ready to get intentional and do something about it?

To see all my posts for the 31 days challenge click here to get to the home page.

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